Sunday 21 June 2015

BRP Germany: Protest and awareness campaign on HR abuses in Balochistan held in Frankfurt

Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter held a protest demonstration in Frankfurt. A large number of activists and German citizen have participated and showed their solidarity. The protest demonstration was organized by Ashraf Sherjan, the president of BRP Germany chapter.
Protesters were holding pictures of Baloch martyrs and signs against state barbarism during the demonstration. After the protest, activist have spread awareness about Pakistani occupation of Balochistan and continuation of Baloch genocide, and distributed booklets among the citizen in various places of Frankfurt city.
Addressing the protesters, Mr. Ashraf Sherjan, has said that from last 67 years Pakistani had been using different war tactics such as military operation, enforced disappearance, kill and dump to suppress the Baloch nation and their independence movement but it had always turned the Baloch nation even more stronger.
“Since the occupation of Balochistan, Pakistan has been committing gross human rights abuses but unfortunately it has never dragged the attention of the international community, the human right organizations and the international media, therefore Pakistan continue to commit Baloch genocide with full impunity,” he said.
He further said that under the leadership of Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, they would lead their campaign to a successful accomplishment and their struggle for independence would continue until freedom.
“After London and Germany, Baloch Republican Party’s next station is Geneva where protest and awareness campaign will be held outside the United Nations office on it’s annual program on human rights,” He said.
Baloch Republican Student Organization’s spokesman Mr. Hamdan Baloch and it’s activists have also joined the protest and addressed the protesters.

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