Tuesday 30 June 2015

Baloch Republican Party reformed its Switzerland Chapter cabinet.

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party Switzerland Chapter held a meeting in Geneva and discussed the party’s role in the past. The meeting continued after two minutes of silence in memory of martyrs of Baloch nation.
The party’s previous cabinet in Switzerland was dissolved and a new one was formed. In the newly formed cabinet, Sherbaz Bugti was appointed as the President of the chapter, Mohammad Nawaz Bugti as the Secretary General, Siraj Baloch as the joint Secretary and Qadir Bugti as the Vice President. While among other members of the party were, Jamal Khan Bugti, Abdul Bugti, Khuda Baksh Bugti, Jibran Baloch, Jiyand Baloch and iqbal Bugti.

Saturday 27 June 2015

BRP Geneva Conference: US aid, Chinese investment being used to oppress Baloch nation

Geneva: Baloch nationalist leader and the President of the Baloch Republican Party, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti addressing a party conference in Geneva said that Pakistan commits war crimes in Balochistan using the military aid it receives from both the US and the European countries, therefore the foreign aid to Pakistan should be immediately halted.
“China’s intervention in Baloch soil is unacceptable, the investment in Balochistan is a tactic to plunder its resources. The United Nations must play an effective role to stop human rights violations in Balochistan”, Mr. Bugti said.

Thursday 25 June 2015

Prominent Baloch leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti led a huge demo outside UN office to protest state atrocities in Balochistan.

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party’s awareness campaigns and protest demonstrations against Pakistani occupation of Balochistan and it’s war crimes against Baloch nation, are continue across the European countries.
Today, the Baloch Republican Party has organized a huge protest demonstration at Broken Chair outside the United Nations office in Geneva on the occasion of UN’s annual session on human rights, to highlight Pakistani war crimes and human rights violations taking place in Balochistan almost on a daily basis.
Baloch Republican Party representatives and activists including human rights advocates from across the European countries have participated in the protest.

Sunday 21 June 2015

BRP Germany: Protest and awareness campaign on HR abuses in Balochistan held in Frankfurt

Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter held a protest demonstration in Frankfurt. A large number of activists and German citizen have participated and showed their solidarity. The protest demonstration was organized by Ashraf Sherjan, the president of BRP Germany chapter.
Protesters were holding pictures of Baloch martyrs and signs against state barbarism during the demonstration. After the protest, activist have spread awareness about Pakistani occupation of Balochistan and continuation of Baloch genocide, and distributed booklets among the citizen in various places of Frankfurt city.

Saturday 20 June 2015

Balochistan conference held in Frankfurt: German & Baloch leaders including Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti highlight Pakistani war crimes.

Frankfurt: Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter held a conference in Frankfurt to highlight Pakistani state war crimes, human rights abuses and atrocities against Baloch people in occupied Balochistan.
Baloch Republican Party leaders and activist from across the European countries and German families, Citizens, politicians, businessman and human rights advocates have participated in the conference. While, founder of “Great Afghan Movement”, Mr. Mashal Khan Takkar, has also attended the conference and addressed the participants.
While addressing the participants, Mr Tobias Huh member of FDP and politician, has said that Not only the Baloch but the whole region would suffer if Pakistan continue its war crimes against the Baloch people.

Friday 19 June 2015

Protest for safe recovery of loved-ones: relatives blocked the main road

Quetta: According to the Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources inhabitants of Khaliq Abad have blocked the main Quetta to Karachi road protesting for immediate return of their loved ones abducted by Pakistani forces in a raid on Monday.
The protesters claimed that Pakistani forces barged into their houses, harrassing women and children and abducting their relatives including Masood Ahmad Nichari, Jalil Ahmad Nichari, Farooq Nichari, Majid Nichari, Attaullah Kaloi, Saleh Mohammad Kaloi and Ghulam Hussain Langov, late on Monday night.
“If our loved-ones are guilty of a crime, they shall be brought to justice,” protesters who were large in number including women and children emphasised.

Saturday 13 June 2015

#BRPCampaignInEU: Protest and seminar on rights abuses held in London.

Europe: Baloch Republican Party United Kingdom chapter held a protest demonstration and organized a conference in London regarding massive human rights abuses and state atrocities in Balochistan committed by the Pakistani forces.
A large number of Baloch leaders & activists and london-based human rights advocates participated in the conference. Military operations, extra-judicial murders, kill and dump, recovery of mutilated dead bodies and mass graves in Balochistan were highlighted and discussed by the participants.
BRP UK chapter president Mansoor Baloch, Baloch leader Sardar Bakhtiyar Khan Domki, Doris Jones from Nations without State, Ali Ahwaz of Ahwaz Organization, Baloch writer Dr. Naseer Dashti and Abdullah Baloch addressed the conference.

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Military offensive in Dera Bugti and Mastung, 9 killed, 3 recovered dead – BRP Media Cell report

Balochistan: According to the Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources state forces launched an operation, backed by PAF (Pakistan Air forces), in Dashtari area of Mastung. Three killed, many wounded, six people were abducted during an another operation in Gornari area of Uch, Dera Bugti district.
Three Baloch civilians namely Haji Rahim Bugti were killed, many injured and six other were taken away during the operation in Uch. Meanwhile, one of the injured victims, Mr. Mola Bux Bugti has just succumbed to his injuries.
Six innocent civilians, three women and three children, were killed as Aerial bombardment struck the house of Shah Mohammad Mengal in Dashtri area of Mastung.

Saturday 6 June 2015

Abduction of brother and uncle were aimed at keeping me from freedom movement – Azizullah Bugti

Switzerland: Secretary General of Baloch Republican Party Switzerland Chapter, Mr. Azizullah Bugti, in a statement said that abduction of his younger brother and aged uncle was an attempt by Pakistani occupying state to weaken and keep me from the Baloch freedom movement.
“It’s not that i do not care about my beloved relatives, i do, but i am convince to not let these cheap state tactics to be an obstacle in my way of struggle”, Mr. Aziz said.
He further said that there were already abducted Baloch persons who were probably facing inhuman torture in Pakistani torture cell, adding that they were also someone’s brother, father or an elder.
“I am not afraid of Pakistan or it’s tactics, nor are they going to sabotage my struggle which is highlighting Pakistani state barbarism in Balochistan, at the United Nations”, Mr. Bugti said.

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abducted poet and two family members of Swiss based BRP member – Sher Mohammad Bugti

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party central spokesman, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement said that Pakistani forces abducted brother, Imtiaz Hussain s/o Kunari Bugti and uncle, Kolmir Bugti s/o Ali Murad Bugti, of BRP Switzerland based member Azizullah Bugti from Chaman, Balochistan on Tuesday.
“The victims were abducted while travelling for medical treatment for Kolmir Bugti, one of the abductee”, said the spokesman adding that father and another brother of Azzizullah Bugti were already abducted, killed and dumped by Pakistan.
His brother Sanaullah Bugti was abducted in Sui on November 2010 and his body was found dumped after 15 days while his father, Kunari Bugti, was killed during a bombardment in Sui in april 2010, Mr. Bugti added.
He further said that Pakistan forces have been targeting activists and their relatives because of their political affiliations with the Baloch Republican Party. “Many times in the past, Bugti refugees in Afghanistan, were attacked in which BRP leader, Riaz Gull Bugti’s mother and a child were injured”, He said.