Thursday 28 April 2016

BRP demands UN inquiry over Balochistan home secretary confessional statement

Quetta: Akbar Hussain Durrani, the home secretary of Balochistan, admits that security forces have ‘arrested’ 12234 people under national action plan across Balochistan so far.

Mr Durrani in an interview on Tuesday, confessed that armed forces have carried out 2622 ‘intelligence based’ operations in various part of Balochistan, in which forces have killed 323 ‘miscreants’ and arrested more than 12 thousands.

“The situation has improved in the province, and 85 insurgents, including a dozen of key commanders have laid down their arms and have joined mainstream,”  he claimed.

However, home secretary did not mention the whereabouts and the identifications of the held persons.

Thursday 21 April 2016

Pakistani forces killing political activists in fake encounters – BRP

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party spokesman Sher Mohammad Bugti said Pakistani forces increased its brutality to very high level.
He said that Pakistani forces with the support of China’s billions of dollar funds, is engaged in effort to eliminate Baloch from earth. Pakistan probably is unaware about Baloch history that Baloch will never be defeated through the use of power.
“Baloch nation will defend its territory and resources at any cost. It’s not possible to make Baloch slave by brutal killings” he added.

Saturday 16 April 2016

A five day event in Germany highlights the plight of Balochistan – BRP

Leipzig: President of Baloch Republican Party Germany Chapter, Jawad Mohammad Baloch, in his statement said that Amnesty international in collaboration with Baloch Republican Party has organized a five day awareness campaign at Leipzig university, exposing Pakistan’s war crimes in Balochistan.
Photos of Baloch victims of Pakistan’s kill and dump operations were displayed during the five days exhibition while activists of BRP and BRSO were interviewed by the amnesty representatives regarding human rights violations in Balochistan.
Moreover, a petition was signed by the students and local German citizens, urging German foreign ministry to take notice of the gross human rights abuses in Balochistan,