Sunday, 31 January 2016

BNM leader killed in Mastung operation; BRP condemns & pays tributes to the martyrs

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani forces conducted a military operation in Mastung. Baloch political leader, Dr. Manan Baloch, along with his five companions assassinated. Baloch Republican Party condemns and pays tributes to the martyrs.
According to details, Pakistani forces assassinated Baloch political leader and the secretary general of BNM, Dr. Manan Baloch and his five friends in a military operation in Killi Dattu area of Mastung.
Baloch Republican Party condemned the assassinations and payed a richest tributes to the martyrs for their sacrifices.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

BRP leader abducted from Quetta, 1 killed in army operation in Dera Bugti

Quetta: Baloch Republican Party Central spokesman said in a statement that Pakistani forces raided the house of BRP central committee member Nazeer Jamaldini and abducted him along with his friend on Jan, 28.

He said that thousands of Baloch political activists have been abducted and detained including those of BRP, who have been facing inhuman torture under custody & their dead bodies were dumped afterwards.

“Dead bodies of Baloch Republican Party activist were found dumped in Pasni, and after several hours, the house of BRP Central leader was attacked and he was abducted”, said Mr. Bugti.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

BRP calls for strike in Makran against custodial killings of activists

Quetta: Baloch Republican Party central spokesmen, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti in his statement said that Pakistani forces have escalated atrocities and Baloch Genocide across Balochistan.
Military operations, enforced disappearances, and recovery of mutilated dead bodies in Balochistan have become daily practice, said Mr. Bugti.
He further said that dead bodies of two previously abducted Baloch, Haneef Anwar and Yusuf Arman, were found riddled with bullets in coastal highway of Pasni, yesterday..

Sunday, 24 January 2016

BRP protests in Davos against Pakistan’s atrocities in Balochistan

Davos: Baloch Republican Party Switzerland Chapter President, Mr. Sher Baz Bugti said in a statement that on the occasion of World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, BRP held a protest demonstration to highlight state atrocities in Balochistan including military operations, abductions, kill and dump: Particularly, China and Pakistan’s strategy to wipe out the existence of Baloch nation in the name of so-called development and economic projects.
The protesters held banners and placard subscribed with different slogans describing Pakistani barbarism and China’s illegal intervention into Baloch soil, Balochistan.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Three mutilated corpses found while four people abducted in Sui operation

Dera Bugti: Military operation in Dera Bugti and Mastung. Three decomposed dead bodies were dumped and four people abducted during Dera Bugti operation, ground and air support in large. Houses and vehicles of innocent people torched in Mastung operation.
According to details, Pakistani forces conducted a gory military operation with both Air and ground support at the spot, in different areas of Sui including Uch, Pateedar, Shari Mozoyee and Khathan.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Strike observed and references held on martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Ahmadad Baloch

Leipzig, and the Frankfurt: Candles were lightened before pictures of the martyrs commemorating their fifth martyrdom anniversary. The party activists, among whom were women, held prayers as well.
Pakistani intelligence agencies abducted BRP leader, Ahmadad Baloch from Gwadar while he was travelling to Karachi in 3rd Oct, 2010. While, Shaheed Naseer Kamalan, leader of BNM, was abducted by FC in Gwadar while he was on his way back home in Pasni on 5th November 2010.
Their bullet-riddled dead bodies were found, later, in Ormara, a coastal area of occupied Balochistan.
Meanwhile, a shutter down strikes were held in Ormara, Pasni and Gwadar in paying tributes to the martyrs, following the call given by the Baloch Republican Party on the martyrdom anniversary of it’s leader.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti rubbished Pak media reports about rejection of asylum plea

Geneva: Prominent Baloch nationalist leader and president of Baloch Republican Party has rubbished the claims by Pakistani media regarding rejection of his asylum plea in Switzerland.
According to details, Pakistani media claimed on Friday that Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti’s asylum plea has been rejected by Swiss authorities due to his alleged “links with a militant organization.”
However, Baloch leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti tweeted from his official twitter handle: “I would like to inform my colleagues, party activists and my Baloch Nation not to worry about the news regarding my asylum”.
I would like to inform my colleges, party activists and my Baloch Nation not to worry about the news regarding my asylum.
Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti further tweeted that “It’s just the ‘world’s best spy agency’ desperately trying to know about any progress through cheap propaganda tactics”.
Meanwhile, Baloch Republican Party spokesman Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti urged Pakistani media to verify any news before publishing & stop airing fake news for ratings.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

BRP France: Balochistan human rights abuses discussed with Amnesty Group

France: A delegation from Baloch Republican Party, headed by BRP representative Mr. Shah Nawaz Bugti, met the representatives of human rights groups including those of amnesty international’s Grenoble chapter and discussed human rights situation in Balochistan.
The delegation briefed the representatives about human rights violations: Particularly, enforced disappearances, extra judicial killings of political activists, recovery of mass graves and mutilated dead bodies in Balochistan.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

BRP Germany: Protest held in Berlin to highlight Balochistan’s situation

Germany: Baloch Republican Party Germany President, Jawad Mohammad, said in a statement that BRP held a protest demonstration in Germany’s capital, Berlin to highlight the human rights violations and state atrocities in Balochistan.
Mr. Baloch said that the protest was aimed at highlighting military operations, human rights violations,enforced disappearances, and recovery of mutilated dead bodies in Balochistan.
BRP activists, other Baloch political activists, those from BRSO as well, and many Baloch supporters have participated in the protest.