Wednesday 20 September 2017

BRP held a week-long campaign to highlight Rights abuses in Balochistan

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party Switzerland chapter president Sher Baaz Bugti in statement said that BRP carried out series of protests and awareness campaigns against continuous state barbarities during 36th session of Human Rights Council in Geneva on 19 and 20 September.
“ The protest demonstrations and rally were joined greatly by BRP workers and Human Rights defenders residing in Europe. The participants held placards and banners inscribed with different slogans against state atrocities, Pakistan’s genocidal policy and China’s Meddling of Balochistan.” Mr Bugti said.
Concerning the prolonged silence of United Nation and Human Organization on ongoing state atrocities in Balochistan, Sher Baz Bugti said that the muteness of these respectable organizations are encouraging the cruelties and maltreatments of the indigenous Baloch by Pakistani military forces.
“ The objective of the rally and demonstration was to raise worldwide awareness about the deteriorating Human Rights situation in Balochistan, “ He said, adding that Rights abuses by the occupying military forces are significantly growing on the Baloch soil. He further said that Balochistan fell pray to the continuous Human tragedy for past many decades and no day goes by without murder of innocent people.
“ From Dera Bugti and Kohistan Marri to Makran, Military offensives and state suppressions inhabits every part of Balochistan. They (Pakistani army) indiscriminately fires bullets over houses of Baloch civilians, abducts Baloch youth in regular army operations, and put them through inhuman torture in secret detentions before taking their lives and dumping their dead bodies over thousands feet high from helicopters” Mr Bugti said.
He goes on saying that state violations and brutalities taking place for a long time now, reaching to a point where the army harasses and sexually abuses Baloch women and children, but it is deeply disappointing that people working in the field of Human Rights Activism and United Nation have not taken a positive measures in order to prevent the Baloch genocide.
“ We are working closely to United Nations and different HR organizations, Informing them about the Baloch genocide by Pakistan, and not only that, the Baloch people work tirelessly to cover this issue through social Media and different news websites, but yet Rights organizations and civilized world watch the oppression silently without taking any action” He said, adding that silence of the international worlds justify the violence and HR abuses across Balochistan.
Mr Bugti said that Pakistani is trying to pressuring the authority in Swiss only to counter the idea of displaying the awareness posters about Right abuses in Balochistan and most importantly our peaceful protests, which  proves to United nations and civil society that Pakistan will go any length to suppress and subjugate Baloch people who struggle peacefully in Balochistan.
He said that his Baloch already posses not rights to freedom of speech in their own homeland and now Pakistan trying to restrict the their freedom of thought and right to self-rule to expose its filthy and disgraceful face before the world.
Mr Sher Baz Bugti concluded by appealing United Nation and other organizations that support and believe in Human Rights to come forward play a good role and take effective measures to free Balochistan from further crimes, discriminations, and Human Right abuses.

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