Monday 31 March 2014

Three more bodies found from a massgrave Khuzdar

Balochistan Khuzdar: Three more bodies were found in a mass grave in Tootak area of Khuzdar, Balochistan on Sunday.

Tootak is the same area where on Jan, 24, 2014 at least 13 bodies had been recovered and the recovery of three more corpses makes the total official number of bodies 16.

Balochistan Home and Tribal Affairs Secretary, Asad Gilani, confirmed the recovery of three more bodies; he told BBC Urdu that a local of the area informed Deputy Commissioner Khuzdar about the presence of bodies. 

He said the local administration inspected the area and excavated the three bodies. 

According to Levies sources two bodies were found from one grave whereas the third was found from some distance in another place. The bodies have been shifted to district headquarters hospital in Khuzdar.

Hospital sources said the bodies were disfigured beyond recognition and six months old. Hospital sources also said two bodies were merely bones whereas the third still had some flesh on it. 

The Home Secretary said that steps will be taken for the DNA test of these bodies to ascertain their identity. 

It is pertinent to remember that three mass graves were found in the same location of Tootak area inKhuzdar district of Balochistan on 24 January. The regional administration had confirmed the discovery of 13 bodies from those graves. 

After the discovery of mass graves human rights organizations and Baloch nationalist parties and organizations had protested against this incident. Baloch nationalist parties had said at least 169 bodies were found from three mass graves. The Pakistan army had later sealed the area and took control of the bodies. 

The Balochistan government constituted a judicial inquiry Tribunal comprising a Balochistan High Court judge to investigate the discovery of mass graves in Tootak. 

The Tribunal allowed the burial of 11 disfigured and unidentified bodies that were found from Khuzadr on 24 January, 2014. The local administration of Khuzdar buried the bodies in a mass grave. Identity of three of the bodies was ascertained and they were handed over to their relatives. All three men were residents of earthquake hit district of Awaran Balochistan. 

Balochistan High Court judge Justice Mohammad Noor Miskanzai recorded the statement of eye-witnesses of Tootak mass graves before judicial Tribunal. The investigation of the previous mass graves is still continued yet another mass grave has been found in the same area. 

Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and Baloch pro-freedom Baloch parties and leaders had asked for an international inquiry and urged the UN to send a team of medical experts to investigate the incident and ascertain the identity of those bodies found in Tootak mass graves. 

Baloch pro-freedom leader Hyrbyair Marri in a statement expressed his concerned about the unearthing of mass graves in Balochistan on 24 January. 

He had said: “We suspect that the government is trying to remove the evidence from the site because the other day when locals were digging the mass graves, the Pakistani security forces opened fire on them and took control of the entire region. They are not allowing anyone including the media to go in that area which illustrates that Pakistan army is busy in removing evidences.”

Germany: Gross Human Rights Violation in Balochistan

Baloch Republican Party-Germany

To,                                                                 Date: 31-03-2014

Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
Respected Madam Angela Merkel

Subject: Gross Human Rights Violation in Balochistan

The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) requests your kind attention in respect to The ongoing Human Right Violations in Balochistan. Pakistan conducted five major military offensives on the occasion of 1948, 1958, 1963, 1973 and the latest phase started in January 2000 when the military dictator retired General Prevez Musharraf declared war against Baloch people. This last phase has been the most brutal after 1973 and the Baloch also consider this phase as the most crucial for their survival.

On January 25, 2014, a shepherd in a rural area of Khuzdar district in Balochistan discovered a mass grave. After excavating the area, a number of mass graves were found in the Tutak village in khuzdar containing remains of more than 100 dead bodies. The more they dug the more mass graves they found.

Human rights groups have expressed fear that these remains belong to the victims of enforced disappearances, as Pakistani security forces have been involved in a massive campaign of enforced disappearances and kill and dump operations since last many years in Balochistan.

Since Pakistan had committed the crime of aggression by invading Balochistan on 27th March 1948, the Baloch have been struggling to restore the independence of their homeland. However, to crush their movement, Pakistani security forces have violated all human rights fundamentals. The abductions or the enforced disappearances by Pakistani forces in Balochistan mainly target the cream of the Baloch society i.e. the educated youth, political activists, teachers, lawyers, poets, intellectuals and enlightened people belonging to every walk of life.

After the martyrdom of Nawab Akber Khan Bugti 1,20,000  bugti were forced to leave their homes and 16,000 even left Balochistan to take shelter in Afghanistan , which they are living in terrible condition without any international human aids. Baloch civilians who have migrated to Afghanistan because of the inhumane atrocities of the state against them in Balochistan are continually being targeted by the state forces.

The  International organizations for refugees including the United Nations have turned a blind eye toward the sufferings of Baloch refugees in Afghanistan who were forced to migrate from their homeland by the state forces because of continued military operations, target killings and forced-disappearances.
Pakistani security forces extended it’s ongoing  military operations in Turbat , Panjgur , Mashkai , Awaran , khuzdar , Naseerabad , Dera Bugti and many other areas of Balochistan.

However, the recent discovery of mass graves has sent shockwaves throughout the Baloch society, as they fear Pakistan has killed most of the 18,000 victims of enforced disappearances and dumped their bodies in mass graves. 
Baloch Republican Party(BRP) Germany request with all the other EU members and UN  to send a mission to investigate the issue of mass graves as it’s feared that more mass graves exist in different parts of Balochistan. Also, Germany with all the other EU members and UN  to support Balochistan independence.

Thank you
Yours Truly
Ashraf Sherjan                                                                                                       
President of Baloch Republican Party (Germany Chapter)

Friday 28 March 2014

Baloch Republican Party chapter Norway held a protest demonstration in Oslo front of Norwegian Parliament

Norway: Baloch Republican Party Norway chapter held a protest demonstration against Pakistani state atrocities including enforced disappearances, kill and dump and mass graves in Balochistan. 

The activists of BRP Norway chapter displayed placards and banners with the pictures of victims of Pakistani forces and their genocidal policies in Balochistan.

The president of BRP Norway chapter Farooq Baloch and president of UK chapter Mansoor Baloch addressed Norwegian people about the ongoing situation in Balochistan including the state atrocities and gross human rights violations by the forces and intelligence agencies of Pakistan and they also submitted a written memorial in in Norwegian Parliament regarding illegal Pakistani occupation on Balochistan on 27 March 1948.

Baloch Republican Party leaders and activists demanded to the international community to take action against ongoing Baloch genocide and illegal occupation of Balochistan by Pakistani state and to support the democratic struggle of Baloch people for restoration of their freedom and independent homeland.

Thursday 27 March 2014

Baloch Republican Party (BRP GERMANY) activists marked 27 March as a Black Day

27 March 1948- Balochistan`s Occupation Day

Germany: Baloch Republican Party chapter Germany activists marked 27 March as a Black Day & passed the message of ongoing human rights voilation in Balochistan & delivered pamflets to door to door houses in different cities of Germany.
Wich were Berlin, Frankfurt and Aachen and (BRP Germany) activists requested to the citizens and residence of Germany to support for the freedom movment of Balochistan.
Pakistan conducted five major military offensives on the occasion of 1948, 1958, 1963, 1973 and the latest phase started in January 2000 when the military dictator retired General Prevez Musharraf declared war against Baloch people. This last phase has been the most brutal after 1973 and the Baloch also consider this phase as the most crucial for their survival.

Since the occupation of sovereign state of Balochistan in 1948 the Baloch has been observing the 27 March as a Black day. On this day in 1948 Pakistan attacked and forcefully annexed the Baloch country at gunpoint. Soon after the forcible merger Baloch resistant movement started under the leadership of Agha Abdul Kareem Khan, who was the younger brother

Saturday 22 March 2014

Five killed and eleven people abducted during latest military operations in Kech and Sui

Balochistan: Five people were killed and several including women have wounded in brutal military operation in Kech and one person abducted by Pakistani security forces from Sui.

Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources reported that Pakistani military has besieged the Pidrak region of district Kech  in Balochistan and conducted an indiscriminate operation on saturday morning. According to details Pakistani military backed by gunship helicopters launched an operation in Pidrak  area of Kech, indiscriminately bombarded houses and killed at least five persons and several including women have been wounded by heavy bombardment.

The deceased have been named as Sameer s/o Naseer kamalan, Haji Kamal s/o Musa, Murad Hasil along with his two sons, Akram and Islam. While eight people Asim s/o Gul Muhammad, Muheem s/o Asim, Sagheer s/o Ameet, Meero s/o Hussain, Imam s/o Hussain, Aalim s/o Hussain, Perviaz s/o Mazar Baloch and Jalal s/o Mazar Baloch were abducted by Pakistani forces during operation from the Pidrak region..

Meanwhile BRP Media Cell sources reported from Sui, Pakistani Army along with local death squad abducted three people from different areas of Sui  town of district Dera Bugti. The abductees have been named as Wadera Abdul Hakeem Bugti; the head of Mandwani subtribe, Wadera Jan Mohammad Bugti and Khushal Bugti s/o Hadee Bugti. Eyewitnesses said that forces shifted the abducted people to Sui army cantonment after inhuman torture on them.

Baloch Republican Party UK chapter held a protest demonstration in front of British parliament

UK: Baloch Republican Party UK chapter to held a Protest demonstration in front of British Parliament against Killings of innocent Baloch in Lyari, karachi. On going Military operations and human rights violations such as enforced disappearances, kill and dump in Balochistan also will be highlighted in the protest.
Thousaand of Baloch were killed and abducted during each military operation since 1948 and their houses and livestock were destroyed by thr pakistani forces. According to Baloch Republican Party Media Cell at least 19000 Baloch activists including highly educated Baloch men and woman have been abducted since the beginning of last phase of liberation struggle. BRP says that more then 1600 abducted Baloch have been killed under-custody of Pakistani forces and further 1200 best cader of Baloch including university professors, students, lawyers, poets, singers and human rights and social activists have been target killed by pakistani military and their hired criminal gangs.

Monday 17 March 2014

Pakistan Army raided language center and abducted eight in Turbat, bullet riddled body found in Dera Bugti.

Balochistan: Pakistani security forces raided a language center in Turbat and abducted eight, dead body of activist found in Sui here on Monday.
Sources of Baloch Republican Party Media Cell reported that Pakistan Army carried out a raid on Karawan Language center in Koshkalat area in Turbat and abducted at least six trainers of the center along with two students.
The abducted trainers have been named as Mr Abdul Salam, Mr Mehran, Mr Jameel, Mr Muheeb,          Mr Kaleemullah,  Mr Siraj and Student Waheed Baloch and Jameel Baloch.

Sources said, forces sat several books on fire after putting oil upon them and many books were taken away during raid on language center.
Meanwhile bullet riddled body of a youth has been found in Kashi area of Dera Bugti. Local shifted the body to the civil hospital where it has been identified as Basheer Ahmad s/o Ali Baksh Bugti. He was abducted along with several others by the security forces of Pakistan a few days ago during an operation from Patfeedar area of Sui, Dera Bugti.
Last night unknown gunmen attacked a camp of Pakistani state backed death squad in RD 238 area of Sui. Two men of the death squad where killed on the spot and two others are missing. It’s worth to mention here that camp was attacked it was being use as torture cell.
On the other hand armed outfit, the Baloch Republican Army claims responsibility of the attack on death squad camp. BRA spokesman, Sarbaaz Baloch said in a statement issued to media that fighters from his organization attacked  a camp of state backed death squad in RD 238 area of Sui. Two men including the commander of  camp were killed while two other members were arrested during raid.

Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization held a protest in front of Karachi Press club against Lyari massacre on 16-03-2014

Karachi: Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization held a protest demonstration in front of Karachi press club against mass killings of Balochs including women by the state sponsored mafias in Lyari.

Friday 14 March 2014

Forces showered mortars on civilians in mashkai, one killed in dera bugti aggression

Balochistan: Endless brutalities of state forces in Balochistan continue, Forces showered mortars on civilians in Mashkai, one killed in Dera Bugti.

Pakistani security forces extended it’s ongoing  military operations to many areas of Mashkai and Dera Bugti. Dozens of houses were set ablazed and one person killed.

According to Daily Sangar news, Pakistani Army extended military offensives in Mahskai areas. More than twenty houses of Baloch civilians were burnt into ashes after being looted of valuables by the forces during operation.

Pakistani troops showered mortar shells on civilian populated areas of Mashkai which caused heavy damages however the clear figure of casualties could not be ascertained as the military operation affected areas are still under army siege.

Meanwhile BRP Media Cell sources said from Sui town of Dera Bugti that Pakistan army along with local death squad launched a latest offensive in Lanju Seghari region of Dera Bugti. One person namly Shah Ali s/o Lemo Bugti got killed and at least two others were abducted by Pakistan Army. The abducted men have been named as Sobani Bugti and Noor Mohammad Bugti.

Independence sources confirm that scores of the casualties can increase as the operations were continued in the both Dera Bugti and Mashkai regions.

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Baloch Republican Party switzerland chapter held a protest demonstration in front of UNHRC office Geneva, Switzerland

Baloch Republican Party Switzerland chapter held a protest demonstration in front of UNHRC office Geneva, Switzerland against enforced disappearances, kill and dump and discovery of mass graves in Balochistan.

Baloch Leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, Mehran Marri, Noordin Mengal and human rights activist Mr Tarek Fatah and collages students also joined the protest and they demanded to the international community to support the democratic struggle of Baloch people for restoration of their freedom and independent homeland. The activists were protesting against the silence of the world on the genocide of the indigenous Baloch people at the hands of Pakistani state forces. 

169 bodies were recovered from three mass graves. Only three bodies had been identified by the identity cards which were found in their clothes. They were recognized as Qadir Baksh s/o Miskan, Mohammed Omer s/o Bhai Khan and Naseer s/o Bhai Khan. These three political activists were abducted by the State security forces from Awaran city at broad day light in October 2013. These three identified bodies were also enlisted with the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons. 

It is most likely that the rest of the corpses are of activists who had links with pro independence political parties. Since 2010 more than 750 Baloch activists have been victims of Pakistani State’s genocidal kill and dump policy. The protesters in geneva demanded that the Pakistani authorities be brought to international criminal court for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. They also advocated that USA should stop funding Pakistani State as Pakistan is involved in crimes against humanity.

Sunday 9 March 2014

Three Baloch Students critically injured in pre-planned attack by gangsters

A gang of eight students attacked and critically wounded three Baloch students in Preston University Islamabad on Saturday.

According details Baloch students Khalid Kurd, Mehran and Fakhar were having lunch at University’s cafe. When a gang of eight students Umer Satti, M.Ali, Ahtasham, Afridi BBA students in Preston university led by Mashood Ali approached them started swearing them for speaking Balochi with each other.

They thugs were armed having daggers and they punched Khalid Baloch on his forehead with Knuckle duster. Khalid forehead started bleeding but they continue beating Khalid and his friend until they got unconscious and fell on ground.

The University administration did not come to the rescue of Baloch students. In fact later the university administration turned against the Baloch students and was found to be protective of those criminals. Baloch students reported it to nearest police station which is I 9 Thana. ASI Ashraf registered their complaint

 but no arrest was made until the filing of this report.

The injured students were brought to PIMS Hospital and each one got 5 to 6 stiches. Their MRI and X-Ray results show that their wounds were serious and it was an obvious murder attempt.

The V.C of Preston University and director colonel Nadeem called these Baloch students for a meeting on Monday morning at 11am. But it is not yet known whether any action has been taken against the criminals who attacked and injured Baloch students.

There is CCTV camera and that is quite credible evidence of the incident. The University administration has the CCTV evidence.

It is the fourth time that Baloch students studying in Balochistan have been attacked and the government of Punjab has not taken any action against those responsible for such attacks. 

Thursday 6 March 2014

Bugti refugees camp attacked in Afghanistan, seven wounded- BRP Media Cell

 Once again the Bugti refugees camp in Afghanistan attacked on thursday.
According to details a car loaded with explosives went off with huge blast in front of the house of Gul bahar Bugti in refugee camp in Balochistan bordering area in spin boldak region of Afghanistan. Three children and four women of same family have been seriously wounded in the blast.

Gul Bahar Bugti while speaking to Baloch Republican Party Media Cell from Spin boldak has said, a corolla car loaded with explosive tried to enter the Bugti refugees camp but it was stopped by the refugees.
The suspected driver parked his car a few meter away from the camp and detonated it with remote controlled device. Many houses of Baloch refugees collapsed and three children and four women of same family have been wounded.
He further said, at least three children and four women who were standing near camp have been wounded and a house was completely destroyed in the blast. He said “it must be the act of Pakistani intelligence agencies who targeted our camps several times in past”.
It’s worth to mention here that this is the fifth attack made on Bugti refugees in spin boldak region in Afghanistan.

Three attack targeted the house of Gul bahar Bugti where he lost his Son, Dur Khan Bugti; grandson, Nehal Khan Bugti; nephew, Zar Khan Bugti and a granddaughter.
One attack was made on BRP exiled leader Riaz Gul Bugti’s house on 12th July 2013 in the same region. Two gunmen were riding on motorbike hurled hand grenade inside the house of Baloch Republican Party exiled Leader Raiz Gul Bugti which resulted in wounding his aged mother and ten years old daughter.

Baloch Republican Party spokesman Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti condemned the attack on Bugti refugees camp and called upon the international community, human rights groups and world refugee organizations to act and stop massacre of Baloch refugees and he urged United Nation to insure the safety of the Baloch refugees in Afghanistan.
He further said multiple attacks have been made by the secret agencies of the Pakistani state against Baloch refugees in Afghanistan where several innocents including women and children lost their lives.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Brutal army operation in Turbat, six abducted, report of heavy casualties. BRP Media Cell

Heavy military operation being carried out by the Pakistani Army in Shapuk and several other areas of Turbat, Balochistan.

According to Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources, Pakistani Army started a deadly military operation in Shapuk, Sami, Sherak and several other areas of Turbat Balochistan at midnight on Monday.

Local sources said that large numbers of ground troops with tanks and heavy artillery besieged almost entire Turbat district and launched the operation. Residents of the areas including women and children were harassed and brutally beaten up by the personnel of ruthless Pakistan Army.

Forces destroyed many houses including the house of BNM’s martyred leader Kachkol Bahar with IED explosives in Shapuk area during operation. Four people were abducted by the Pakistani forces who have been identified as Maqsood Baloch s/o Mohammad Ameen, Master Bejjar s/o Adam Baloch, Chakar Baloch s/o Master Bejjar and Shahab Baloch s/o Meskhan Baloch.

Baloch National Movement’s information secretary has said in a press statement that large number of occupying Pakistani troops backed by helicopters were bombarding civilian populace in Shabuk, Turbat since past two days.

He further said that Shapuk, Sami, Sherak and several other areas of Turbat were still under complete siege of Pakistan army and occupying forces bombing the villages.

Last reports from the areas under operation say there could be the civilians casualties during the operation but the exact figure of the damages has yet to be known due to the army siege in the area.

Sunday 2 March 2014

Fresh military operation in Balochistan: 19 persons killed 40 injured

Dera Bugti : At least nineteen Bugti tribesmen were killed and more than 40 wounded during a Pakistani military offensive in Dera Bugti area of Balochistan on Saturday.

According to details a large number of fresh military troops backed by gunship helicopters launched a military operation many civilian populated areas of Sui, Dera Bugti.

Pakistani Army indiscriminately bombarded villages in Darengen area where at least eleven people including three women and four children have been killed and more than 40 are injured. The deceased victims of Darengen area bombardment have been identified as Gulbaig s/o Naseban Bugti, Tari s/o Humbo Bugti, Wahido s/o Mohammad Bugti, Bashirullah Bugti, Samul Bib, Jannat Bibi and Hanifa Bugti along with her four children. Meanwhile sources reported bodies of at least eight previously abducted Baloch were also found in the same area.

The BRP media cell alleged in their Facebook page that the victims’ bodies were thrown down from helicopters during operation in Darengen area of Sui. Two of the victims have been identified as Sate s/o Karam Ali Bugti and Wadhu s/o Pirka Bugti. The rest of the sex bodies could not be identified as they were decomposed beyond recognition. The BRP sources further said that Sate s/o Karam Ali Bugti and Wadhu s/o Pirka Bugti were abducted by Pakistani security forces along with many others from Pirkoh area during an operation on 13th Feb 2014. The affected areas were under the tight military siege until filling of this report. Forces sealed the exit and entry routes to the areas and innocent civilians are denied of any sort medical aid.

The BRP media cell on Facebook wrote: “Provisional minister and head of military death squad, Safraz Bugti, is personally monitoring the deadly operation.” Two days prior to military operation in Dera Bugti, Pakistan forces have abducted more than 30 Marri Baloch from different areas of Kohistan Marri region of Balochistan. The raids were carried out in the darkness of night in Kahan town and adjoining villages. Separately, several people were abducted from Marri Bohri, Nahad kot and other nearby areas.