Saturday 20 June 2015

Balochistan conference held in Frankfurt: German & Baloch leaders including Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti highlight Pakistani war crimes.

Frankfurt: Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter held a conference in Frankfurt to highlight Pakistani state war crimes, human rights abuses and atrocities against Baloch people in occupied Balochistan.
Baloch Republican Party leaders and activist from across the European countries and German families, Citizens, politicians, businessman and human rights advocates have participated in the conference. While, founder of “Great Afghan Movement”, Mr. Mashal Khan Takkar, has also attended the conference and addressed the participants.
While addressing the participants, Mr Tobias Huh member of FDP and politician, has said that Not only the Baloch but the whole region would suffer if Pakistan continue its war crimes against the Baloch people.
President of BRP Germany Chapter, Mr. Ashraf SherJan, said that Pakistan was suppressing the Baloch people in order to plunder their resources.
He specified that after Pakistan’s deal with China over Baloch resources have put the Baloch people in a tense situation and military operations, abduction and killings have accelarated adding that more than 50 Baloch have been killed ever since, while dozens have been abducted or detained.
Meanwhile, the prominent Baloch leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti has also addressed the participant through Skype he pays a richest tributes to the martyrs of nation and salutes those who have been bearing inhuman tortures in the hands of occupying state.
He said that “Today, the Baloch suffers on its own homeland and the occupational Pakistani state has been committing worst war crimes to suppress the democratic struggle of the Baloch masses for the restoration of their sovereignty which has been forcefully usurped by the Pakistani state for past 67 years”.
Mr. Bugti said that massive human rights violations like military operations, bombardments on Baloch civilians, enforced disappearances, mass graves and kill and dump were being regularly carried out by the Pakistani forces in Balochistan. In addition to the forceful oppression of the Baloch masses, Pakistani forces have been using different tactics to counter the secular Baloch movement. Religious extremism was being injected into the secular Baloch society.
“Extremists groups are being trained and supervised by the state military and intelligence institutions to target religious minorities in Balochistan. A systematic genocide of Shia Hazaras in areas like Quetta and Mastung by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi which is headquartered in Punjab. Other similar groups have been targeting Christians, Hindus and Zikris which is aimed to confuse the international community and malign the secular Baloch movement and to label it as religious terrorism”, He said while addressing the participant in the conference.
He further said that “I would also like to shed light on the recent visit of Chinese president in Pakistan and the deals between China and Pakistan regarding the so-called Economic Corridor and Gwadar port. Let us make it clear to the world that the Baloch do not accept the Chinese intervention in Balochistan and their evil designs which not only lack the Baloch consent but they are also aimed to oppress the Baloch and exploit their land and resources.”
He said that there was also another factor in the Baloch oppression by the Pakistani state and that was the duplicity of Pakistani security establishment in the war against terrorism. Pakistani military had been receiving billions of dollars and heavy military equipments as an aid from the western countries particularly the United States but instead of fighting terrorism, Pakistani forces had been using that aid to crush the democratic and political struggle of the Baloch people.
Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti reminded that ” Statement of former Pakistani ambassador to the United States is on record saying that he has strong reason to believe that the aid against terrorism has been and is being used against the Baloch. Pakistani double game in war against terrorism has long been exposed when world number one terrorist Osama Bin Laden was found and killed within miles of a Pakistani military academy in Abbottabad.”
“The only solution to the Pakistani state terrorism against the western world is the restoration of the secular Baloch state which would not only put an end to the sufferings of the Baloch and counter the Jihadi ambitions of the Pakistani security establishment but it would also guarantee long-lasting peace and stability in the region,” he said.
Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti said that Human rights groups, international media and NGOs should play their role in highlighting the Baloch genocide by the Pakistani forces and help raise awareness about the secular movement.
“As a democratic and political solution to the Baloch problem, we suggest the international community to hold an independent referendum in Balochistan under the supervision of the United Nations to let the Baloch decide for their future which is certainly safe, secure and bright in a free, democratic and secular Balochistan.” Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti urged.

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