Friday 6 October 2017

Dera Bugti: An entire Baloch family, including three children, murdered by Pakistani army

Dera Bugti is witnessing a new waves of deadly and large-scale military offensives from past four days.
According to BRP Media Cell sources, The Pakistani military forces mounted offensive on villages in Dera Bugti’s Bobbi with lethal killing machines like gunship Helicopters, bombarding indiscriminately on civilian populations.
A local Baloch civilian namely Shambow Bugti, his two daughters, a seven year old son and his wife were killed in cold-blood by the the gunships helicopters that proceeded bombardment from the air until the house of Shambow Bugti was completely destroyed and annihilated with his entire family inside. It is a worst act of terror committed by the army in latest military campaigns.

Monday 2 October 2017

Military offensive in Dera Bugti: Two innocent Baloch murdered

Dera Bugti: Pakistani army ’s unending and ferocious Military offensive continue in Dera Bugti in different areas of Kohlu.
According BRP Media Cell sources, Pakistan army conducted a large-scale military operation in Dera Bugti’s Chabdar and its adjoining Marri areas on Sunday, where four deadly gunship helicopters unleashed by the army to fuel more civilians casualties in the affected areas where two innocent Baloch had already been murdered as result of continuous shelling.