Saturday 27 June 2015

BRP Geneva Conference: US aid, Chinese investment being used to oppress Baloch nation

Geneva: Baloch nationalist leader and the President of the Baloch Republican Party, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti addressing a party conference in Geneva said that Pakistan commits war crimes in Balochistan using the military aid it receives from both the US and the European countries, therefore the foreign aid to Pakistan should be immediately halted.
“China’s intervention in Baloch soil is unacceptable, the investment in Balochistan is a tactic to plunder its resources. The United Nations must play an effective role to stop human rights violations in Balochistan”, Mr. Bugti said.
Baloch Republican Party held a conference in Geneva, to highlight human rights violations and Pakistani war crimes in Balochistan. BRP Switzerland chapter, party representatives and members based in European countries including human rights activists and international media journalists attended the conference.
The conference was a part of Baloch Republican Party’s Europe-wide campaign which includes conferences, protest demonstrations and awareness held across the European countries including Britain, Germany and Switzerland to highlight the Balochistan’s independence struggle, Pakistan’s illegal occupation and human rights violations, at international forums.
The panel of the conference included Party’s President Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, Central spokesmen Sher Mohammad Bugti, President of Party’s UK chapter Mansoor Baloch, Ashraf Sherjan of BRP Germany, Farooq Baloch of BRP Norway chapter, Lakhu Lohan a leader of World Sindhi Congress and a famous human rights activist and the leader of Leadership Council for Human Rights Madam Kathryn Porter. The speakers addressed the participants and expressed their views and ideas.
“The international community and the US should stop funding Pakistan by both Military and financial means as the Pakistani state and its armed forces are involved in war crimes in Balochistan, and the United Nations must intervene in Balochistan to stop ongoing human rights violations” said Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti addressing the conference in Geneva on Friday.
He said that China’s intervention in Baloch soil was not acceptable and the billions of dollars that it provided Pakistan with, would be used to prolong the illegal occupation of Balochistan, plundering its resources and escalating the Baloch genocide rather than being used for prosperity and development in the occupied land.
“China is a superpower but that should not mean that it should get involved in Baloch genocide and plunder the national wealth of the oppressed people in order to complete its economic needs” He said.
He said that as an international community including China, it applies to them that they should support Baloch instead of strengthening Pakistan and its armed forces to oppress Baloch nation.
“The international community should play their role to find out a political solution to Balochistan issue and pave the way for the UN to reach Balochistan and conduct an independent referendum, to let the Baloch decide their own fate”, He said.
“I am ashamed of my country which is funding Pakistan, a state that commits war crimes in Balochistan” said American human rights advocate Kathryn Porter addressing the conference. She said that she assures the Baloch nation that wherever she goes, she would raise the voice of occupied Balochistan.
While Mr. Lohan said that until “the Baloch and Sindhi right to freedom is not considered or accepted, there would be no peace in the region.”
As the host of the conference, central spokesman of Baloch Republican Party, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti thanked the participants and paid richest tributes to Shaheed-e-Azam Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, all Baloch martyrs and the Baloch political activists bearing inhumane atrocities in the torture cells of Pakistani forces.
He ended the conference by thanking all the leaders and participants in the conference. Mr. Bugti said that Baloch struggle would continue until their national identity and independence

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