Friday 28 February 2014

Top Baloch leader and head of the Baloch Republican Party Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti addressed international media at Geneva press club today

Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti said in the first part of his talk that Balochistan is burning since the forceful occupation by the Pakistani state in 1948. Five major military operations had been launched by the armed forces of Pakistan and the latest of them still continues full-fledged. During this period of 66 years, Balochistan has suffered from gross human rights violations by the Pakistani forces which have been getting worse and accelerated with the passage of every single day. While talking to the press he further says, There have be assaults on civilian populated areas, heavy bombardments of villages of innocent Baloch civilians with fighter jets, tanks, helicopters and heavy military artillery.

There have been lootings and burnings of houses, brutal killings of innocents including women and children, and arbitrary abductions of the people during military operations in every nook and corner of Balochistan. The abducted people get shifted to military torture cells at unknown locations and are subjected to inhumane and worst torture the human history has ever witnessed. The abductions or the enforced disappearances by Pakistani forces in Balochistan mainly target the cream of the Baloch society i.e. the educated youth, political activists, teachers, lawyers, poets, intellectuals and enlightened people belonging to every walk of life.

After detention of weeks, months ,and most of the time, years, the abducted people are brutally killed in custody and their bodies are found every next day in different parts of Balochistan, he added. Describing the state atrocities in Balochistan, he said that Human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International had termed these killings as “Kill and Dump” policy, a policy adopted by the Pakistani state and its forces to literally wipe out the very existence of a nation, the Baloch nation. Adding he said, more than 140,000 Baloch people have been killed by Pakistani forces during military operations and other state atrocities in Balochistan since 2006. 20,000 Baloch civilians and activists have been abducted by the secret agencies of Pakistan and 24,000 people, majority innocent women and children, have been killed by the Pakistani armed forces only in 2013.

All this is happening while United States and the western world gives millions of dollars aid to the Pakistani state in the name of war on terror every year. All those military and financial aids are used by the Pakistani forces to brutally crush the Baloch people’s peaceful and democratic struggle instead of being used against terrorism. US made jets are bombing Baloch villages instead of the terrorist hideouts. We appeal to international powers especially the US to immediately stop every kind of financial or military aid to Pakistan. Baloch people have been calling for help from the civilized international community and their Human Rights institutions but no heed was paid to their cries no matter how grievous and heartbreaking they were.

Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti urging civilized world has said on january 25, a shepherd in Tootak area of Khuzdar district of Balochistan saw remains of human bodies in an abandoned place. He informed the locals who rushed to the sight and witnessed two mutilated dead bodies. On suspicion of presence of more bodies, they started digging the place where 13 dead bodies were found. Later the number of dead bodies found in one grave, or a mass grave, raised to 15. People searched for more bodies and at least three mass graves were discovered containing 17, 08 and 78 dead bodies separately. Chemicals were used on the bodies to mutilate them and so that they could not be identified. When informed, the Pakistani forces ran to the site and forced the locals to leave and surrounded the area. The people have informed that a total of 169 dead bodies were recovered from the mass graves but the number could be much more as the searching and digging was continue when the personnel of armed forces arrived and sieged the area.

The discovery of mass grave raised the fears of the families and relatives of Baloch missing persons who have been abducted by Pakistani forces. A large number of family members gathered outside the hospital, where the dead bodies were shifted, to identify if those were of their abducted loved ones but instead of cooperating with them, the Pakistani forces baton charged against them and forced them to leave. He added “On the question if the dead bodies found in the mass graves were of the abducted Baloch people, the Pakistani government officials responded with blaming it on foreign intelligence agencies as usual. It has become a part of the very root of the Pakistani mentality to blame foreign elements for the misdeeds of their governments and the atrocities of their armed forces against innocent civilians in Balochistan” Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti He further said that on the face of the blatant lies by the Pakistani officials, three dead bodies were identified as those of Qadir Baksh Baloch s/o Meskan Baloch, Mohammad Naseer Baloch and Mohammad Umar Baloch. The three were identified only by the identity cards found inside their pockets and other bodies remain unidentified to this day as they were mutilated beyond recognition but there is no doubt that the others are also of those abducted by the armed forces and intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

The place where the mass graves were found was an abandoned camp of Pakistani forces and their death squads where they used to torture the abducted Baloch people and secretly bury them inside mass graves. At least 20,000 Baloch people are missing after being abducted by Pakistani forces and intelligence agencies and more than 800 people have been resurfaced as bullet-riddled and mutilated dead bodies within last decade. He further said that there was high possibility that there are more mass graves in different parts of Balochistan and that most of abducted people have been killed and buried in those mass graves. In fact this is not the first incident of discovery of mass graves in Balochistan.

On March 25, 2011, a mass grave containing six dead bodies of the abducted Baloch men was discovered in Machi Gorani area of Sui, Dera Bugti. The mass grave was coincidentally discovered by a local shepherd a day after the bodies were buried. The bodies were clearly identifiable and were identified as those of Ali Baksh Bugti, Shah Baksh Bugti, Iqbal Mazari, Kohdil Bugti and Khetran Bugti. Kohdil Bugti was a leader of BRSO,a Baloch student organization and all the men were among the 19 people who were abducted during a military operation. He said “We especially urge the international media to send their correspondents and teams to Balochistan and get access to the war zones of the region and report and expose the war crimes of Pakistani forces committed there on daily basis. If the Pakistani state denies access, then a proper media campaign must be launched to denounce the state suppression of media and masses”

While adding he said that the Baloch people demand urgent attention from the civilized world. The champions of Human Rights, civilized countries, international institutions of justice, the international media and all the civilized people of the world should play their part to stop the slow but steady genocide of the Baloch people. The Human rights are for all humans and the Baloch people are humans and should equally enjoy the rights. The right to live, the right to self-rule, the right to development and the right to freedom.

Thursday 27 February 2014

Baloch marches reach Rawalpindi

27 Feb 2014
Despite threats and intimidation, Qadir Baloch who founded the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons in 2009 and his small band of followers made it to Rawalpindi on Thursday, to demand justice for their loved ones. Journalist Hamid Mir of Geo TV who walked with them a few days ago, wrote in The News that Baloch, aged 72, and 11-year- old Ali Haider Baloch, the youngest marcher had made history by travelling more than 2,000 km on foot along with a group of women and men from Quetta en route Islamabad. Mr. Mir said they broke the 84-year-old record of Mahatma Gandhi who walked 390 km from Ahmedabad to Dandi as part of his famous salt march.

Mr. Baloch may not be aware of any records he has set, but he is clear about getting justice for the enforced disappearances of young men and even women whose details he has documented as part of his work. The marchers who were greeted by members of the Awami Workers Party and civil society groups hope to present their demands to the United Nations in Islamabad in a day and intend to ask the world body to help in the recovery of missing persons.

The march began in October last year and is set to end soon but the marchers have not had it easy. Recently civil society organizations, networks and individual rights activists across Pakistan had expressed outrage over the news that Mr. Baloch was receiving threats and that the Long March from Quetta to Islamabad, now in its last stage, was in imminent danger. A statement released last Wednesday said that Mr. Baloch had received a threatening telephone call from an unlisted number, informing him of the decision to prevent the marchers from entering Rawalpindi and Islamabad and warning them that they will not be allowed to present their demands to the United Nations.

 Mr. Baloch appealed to civil society and media to convey to the government that their march is Constitutional, legal, peaceful and non-violent, aiming to highlight the plight of the missing persons and serious notice should be taken of the threats. He has documented 18,000 missing persons since 2001 of those picked up by security agencies. In some cases, they don't come back for ten years, sometimes they never do and their bodies are dumped here and there with slips of paper on which their names are written, in their pockets.

 Mr. Baloch's son Jalil, 30, a political worker with the Baloch Republican Party was picked up and three years later his dead body was found in a village bordering Iran. A list of 14,000 missing people was also submitted to the Supreme Court. He has records of 1,500 bodies which were dumped. Most of those missing are young men, but there were some children and 170 women.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Human Rights, Regional Security and Perspectives Balochistan and Pakistan.

     4pm - 6 pm 
 Monday 10 March 2014
 Palais des Nations, Geneva 

In January 2014, mass graves were discovered in the district of Khuzdar, Balochistan, current day Pakistan. Numerous bodies of Baloch individuals were discovered, although most remain unidentified and the families of the disappeared still live in uncertainty about the faith of their beloved ones. The security situation in South Asia is furthermore bound to change, with the withdrawal of the U.S. troops from Afghanistan to be effected by the end of this year, especially now that Hamid Karzai has refused to sign a Bilateral Security Agreement with Washington.

In an attempt to clarify what geo-political dynamics led to these events, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) together with the United Towns Agency for North-South Cooperation and Baluchistan House will be convening an international conference in Geneva on 10 March 2014, during the 110th session of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, entitled ‘Human Rights, Regional Security and Perspectives for Balochistan and Pakistan Post-2014’.

The conference will give special attention to Balochistan, which is covering parts of Iran, Afghanistan and is currently Pakistan’s largest and most resource-rich province. Balochistan’s secular people face enforced disappearances, summary executions, economic exploitation, militarization, political disempowerment, talibanization and nuclear testing. To address these gross human rights violations and important global and regional security challenges, international experts, academics, Baloch representatives and high-ranking politicians will come together to share their insights and expertise concerning the uncertain future of Balochistan, Pakistan and the wider region.                                                          

This weekend five civilians have been killed in a massive army operation in Awaran.

This weekend five civilians have been killed in a massive army operation in Awaran. Nawaz s/o Nodal, Tajo Haji, Master Mullah Noor Mohmed s/o Mussa, Gulam Jan s/o Noora and Talib s/o Malang were killed when Pakistani Forces bombarded villages in the Jaho region of Awaran. Eight people including two women and a baby girl have been critically injured in the attack. Aerial bombardments and ground assaults devastated the villages of Goro, Mullay Gazzi and several others. On the same day unknown gunmen killed one person from Bypass Quetta and two people were seriously injured by unknown gunmen firing from Khuzdar Balochistan.

On Saturday Pakistani security forces besieged many houses in Tehseel market in Sui town in Dera Bugti district. According to the Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources, Pakistani Army carried out raids in Phong colony, Tehseel market and Shekh Colony in Sui town. Forces destroyed households, harassed women and looted valuables from the houses. At least seven people have been abducted by Pakistani forces during these raids. The abdcutees have been named and the Baloch people fear for their lives.

Sources claim that forces shifted the abducted people to the Sui army compound, where many people are suffering from the inhuman tortures of Pakistani forces since many years. Meanwhile, Pakistani army along with local death squad attacked the houses of Baloch Republican Party activists Allah Bux Dherkani Baloch and Haddi Dherkani Baloch in Chattar area of Naseerabad district. Forces harassed the families of the activists and set eight houses on fire and took away 70 goats during operation. 66 years ago Pakistan started the deadly military operations in Balochistan 66 years ago.

The attempts to tackle Baloch resistance against oppression has developed in straight forward ethnic cleansing by the Pakistani military and security forces (ISI). Even though it is extremely difficult for journalists and researchers to enter Balochistan, the Baloch manage to keep a very detailed track record of attacks and abductions, including the names of victims. The information is all available. Therefore it is sad and shocking that the international community turns a blind eye and seems to choose not to hear the cries and recognise the international protests of the Baloch people. Strikes and campaigns.

The BRP announced a strike call on Wednesday the 26th of February 2014 against killing of 5 Baloch in Chahsar Turbat Balochistan. BYW, BSO-AZAD and BNM Support the BRP strike call. On the 5th of March the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons starts an awareness campaign to at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, from noon till 4pm. In a statement IVBMP Co-ordinator Aziz Baloch said “Our campaign is aimed to educate the public, students and academia about on-going Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) peaceful and historical long march for justice and human rights.” The IVBMP invites all human rights defenders and everyone to attend & show their solidarity for the #VBMPLongMarch and call upon the United Nations, International Human Rights Organizations, and the entire democratic civilized world for help.

72-year-old Mama Qadeer Baloch breaks record of Gandhi after 84 years.

This old man and young boy have travelled more than 2,000 kilometers on foot along with a group of Baloch women and men on their way from Quetta to Islamabad. The purpose of their non-violent long march was to raise voice against enforced disappearances in Balochistan. They broke the 84-year-old record of Mahatma Gandhi who traveled for 390 kilometers on foot from Ahmadabad to Dandi as part of his famous salt march. When Mahatma Gandhi started his march to protest against the salt laws of British Government in the colonial India he was 61 years old in 1930.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Seven abducted in Sui, houses of BRP activists attacked in Naseerabad

February 22, 2014
Pakistani security forces besieged many houses in Tehseel market in Sui town in Dera Bugti district on Saturday.
According Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources, Pakistani Army carried out raids in Phong colony, Tehseel market and Shekh Colony in Sui town. Forces violated household, harassed women and looted valuables from the houses.

At least seven people have been abducted by Pakistani forces during raids. The abdcutees have been named as Ghulam Rasool Bugti, Warna Bugti, Attaullah Bugti. kafeel Bugti, Juma Bugti, Shehaq Bugti and Ismail Bugti. Sources said that forces shifted the abducted people to the Sui army cantonment, where many people are suffering from the inhuman tortures of Pakistani forces since many years.

Meanwhile, Pakistani army along with local death squad attacked the houses of Baloch Republican Party activists Allah Bux Dherkani Baloch and Haddi Dherkani Baloch in Chattar area of Naseerabad district. According to BRP Media Cell sources ruthless Pakistani forces indiscriminately attacked the houses of BRP activists in Chattar area. Where forces harassed families of the activists and set eight houses on fire and took away 70 goats during operation.

A tribal leader, Wadera Mohammad Ali Bugti while talking to BRP Media Cell from Naseerabad, said that security forces had been carrying out such raids and attacks on daily basis in Chattar and other areas of Naseerabad. He alleged that Pakistani security forces abducting innocent villagers during daily raids later their bodies are being dumped after being killed in military torture cells.

Mr Mohammad Ali Bugti appealed civilized world to pressurize Pakistan to end it’s criminal activities against Baloch people.

Friday 21 February 2014

Pakistani military keeps killing Baloch Political Cadre.

Pakistani military keeps killing Baloch Political Cadre. BRP condemns the custodial killing of Mr.Arif Rehman Baloch And Mr. Mehboob Wadhela Baloch.
Central Spokesman of Baloch Republican Party Mr. Sher Muhammad Bugti Baloch has strongly condemned the custodial killing of Mr. Arif Rehman Baloch and Mr. Mehboob Wadhela Baloch. Talking to the newsmen Mr. Bugti said that Pakistani forces have boosted up the pace of Baloch Genocide.
Adding to the details Mr. Bugti told the newsmen that Mr. Arif Rehman Baloch was a senior member of Baloch Republican Party Gawadar, While Mr. Mehboob Wadhela Baloch was a senior member of the Baloch National Movement. Military abducted Mr. Arif Rehman Baloch along with one of his relatives from the Ranchore Line Karachi at 3rd September 2010, when both were on their way to home after visiting a relative in a local hospital.
Mr. Bugti said “ It is another inhuman act of the barbaric Pakistani military”. According to him tens of thousands of Baloch youth, women and children are still in the torture cells of Pakistani forces; while hundreds of them have been killed in custody and dumped by the road sides. 169 bodies found from the mass graves of Tootak in Khuzdar area were believed to be of the Baloch nationals previously abducted by the Pakistani forces from the different areas of Balochistan.
According the Spokesmen of BRP, inhuman military does not spare the graves of Baloch youth even, as they have destroyed the grave of a BNM activist in Jhaho aggression a few days ago.
Mr. Bugti appealed the International community to serious steps to stop the Baloch Genocide. He further announced to hold the references in the memories of Mr. Arif Rehman Baloch and Mr. Mehboob Wadhela Baloch.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Five killed 31 abducted in massive military operation in Awaraan - BRP Media Cell

 February 19, 2014 

Pakistan army has launched fresh military offensives in different areas of Awaraan district of Balochistan on Wednesday morning. Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources reported, that at least five people were killed while two children among eight wounded in the bombardment of Pakistani security forces in Jhaho area of Awaraan district.

According to details, Pakistan army conducted an operation in different areas of Awaran region including Jhaho, Khoro and Melahe Gazi. Forces indiscriminately bombarded the villages and killed at least five people in the grand scale operation. The deceased were identified as Nawaz s/o Nodil, Taj M s/o Haji, Noor M s/o Musa, Ghulam Jan s/o Noora and Talib s/o Malang. Two children among eight people were wounded as the result of the brutal bombardment of ruthless Pakistan Army.

BRP Media Cell sources said that forces abducted more than 30 civilians including nine years old wounded child Ganj Baksh Balocoh during operation. The abductees are named as Ibraheem Baloch, Hasil Hasrat, Musa Baloch, Nazeer Baloch, Raza Baloch, Kareem Dad Baloch, Shams Baloch, Sidiq Baloch, Aalim Baloch, Daolat Baloch, Dil Jan Baloch, Ferooz Shah Baloch, Salah Baloch Qadir Dad Baloch, Hazoor Baksh Baloch, Deen Mohammad Baloch, Lal Baksh Baloch, Phalan Baloch, Aqeel Baloch, Siraj Baloch, Mulla Baksh Baloch, Sawal Baloch, Akhtar Baloch, Saleem Baloch, Wazir Baloch, Sabir Baloch, Attaullah Baloch, Sawadi Baloch, Rafiq, Khair Mohammad and Abdullal Baloch.

Security forces shifted these abducted people to an undisclosed location and their whereabouts remain unknown until filling of this report. Sources said that Pakistani forces destroyed dozens of houses and three shops during operation in Jhaho and its surrounding areas. Army has used helicopters in the operation and indiscriminately fired mortar shells on the civilians populated area which caused heavy casualties. All sort of humanitarian aid is blocked to the area.

Baloch National Movement spokesman, in a statement condemned the military operation in Awaraan region and said that Occupying pakistani forces intensified their Baloch genocidal policies across Balochistan. Killings of innocent people has become common practice for the occupying state forces. Spokesman urged Human rights organization particularly United Nation to break their silence and speak up over the Pakistani state brutalities in Balochistan

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Military aggression: Pakistan Army kills 22 innocent Baloch in Pirkoh operation

Baloch activists reported that Pakistan Army carrying out grand scale operation in the areas of Dera Bugti and Kech.

According to Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources, Pakistan Army launched a fresh military offensive in Wagoo, Lop, Larpati, Chabdar, Doi wadh and Nearby areas of Dera Bugti on thursday and heavily bombarded civilian populated areas. At least 22 people, majority women and children, were killed while 12 civilians were abducted by forces during this ruthless military operation of Pakistan Army. A few deceased are named as Salamhan s/o Sahazo Marri, Gulo Bugti, Hazaro Bugti along with his wife and two children.

Pakistani security forces fired mortar shells over the villages in Doi wadh where one of the rocket hit the house of Ali Sher Bugti. It destroyed the entire house and left injured two of his children.

Riaz Gul Bugti, a representative of the Baloch Republican Party, said that Pakistan Army continue its genocidal policy in Balochistan. He said Pakistani Army indiscriminately bombarding civilian populated area of Pirkoh region in Dera Bugti.

He further said that Pakistani security forces have carrying out a gory operation in the areas of Dera Bugti since last three days. Aerial bombardment of Pakistani forces claimed 22 lives of innocent Baloch. He said that most of the victims of Pakistan’s cruelty were women and children.

In another barbaric offensive of Pakistani forces today, Pakistan forces abducted two Baloch youths from Dandhar region of Kech district today, BRP Media Cell sources reported.

According to details, Army surrounded the Dandhar village and launched a door to door operation. Forces tortured and beaten up women and abducted two youths from the area during operation. The identity of the abducted persons remain unknown until filling of this report

Friday 14 February 2014

A torture brutal body were found in awaran

For the past months the Awaran region of Balochistan has been under contant seige by Pakistani military. Locals report the use of mortars, shells, gunship helicopters and armored vehicles. On 5th January 2014 a civilian baloch named Zakir Baloch resident of Awaran was abducted by Pakistani security forces while he was on his way to his shop and after keeping him many days in torture cell, on 26 January 2014 pakistani security forces throwed his wounded body in awaran. And tha local resident took Zakir Baloch in nearest hospital but he died on spot.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Baloch Republican Party chapter Germany held a protest demonstration in frankfurt on 08-02-2014

Frankfurt Germany: Baloch Republican Party chapter Germany held a protest demonstration in frankfurt..Againts Mass Grave of abducted Baloch civilian, 169 bodies discovered from Tootak area of Kuzdar in Balochistan.

The Baloch Republican Party expresses shock and deep concern over the discovery of mass graves in Balochistan; it is suspected that these graves are of Baloch missing persons who were arrested and subsequently extrajudicially killed. A large number of family members gathered around the places of Tootak village, district Khuzdar to inquire about their loved ones who have been missing for many years. However, the police and other security forces refused them permission to try and identify the bodies and baton charged the people to disperse them.

On January 25, three mass graves were found after one of them was discovered by a shepherd who saw pieces of human bodies and bones. He informed the Levies, a private armed force organised by tribal leaders, and according to Assistant Commissioner, district Khuzdar, Mr. Afzal Supra, Balochistan, the grave was excavated and 15 bodies were found.

As the news of the mass grave spread throughout the district people gathered there and started digging in the nearby area where they found two more mass graves. In total 103 bodies were recovered from the graves. The bodies were too decomposed to be identified. From the three mass graves 17, 8 and 78 bodies were found but the local people say that a total of 169 bodies have been found. People have witnessed more than 100 human bodies in Tootak while they were digging the area. However, Pakistani military forces stopped the local people from unearthing the mass graves and took control of the area. Now, no one is allowed access to the location except military personnel.
According to the media, a security official who spoke on condition of anonymity said so far they have found around 56 unidentified graves and that there are many more. It is claimed that these bodies are those of Baloch missing persons.
The confirmation by government officials that over one dozen bullet-riddled bodies have been dumped in unmarked graves — many of them considered to be mass graves — in Balochistan has exposed the gross human rights abuses perpetrated by the security forces over the years in a bid to suppress a popular uprising against the government.
It is feared that more mass graves will be found in the coming days. However, the Pakistan Army, in order to hide its crimes, is not allowing any civilian or media outlets to visit the area. Anyone trying to gain access to the area comes under live fire by the Army. It is believed that the genocide of Balochis is one of the biggest mass killings of the 21st century.

Monday 3 February 2014

Baloch Republican Party chapter south Korea protest in seomyong subwaz station pusan, South Korea on 01 Feb 2014

01st  Feb 2014
Baloch Republican Party chapter South Korea Protest Demonstration in Seomyong Subway Station Pusan South Korea against recovery of Mass Graves.  More then 169 bodies were found in Toothk Kuzdar Balochistan. All dead bodies are of
Baloch Missing Persons.