Wednesday 1 July 2015

Military aggression in Mashkai continues, claiming lives of 14 civilians – BRP Media Cell report

Awaran: Tragedy struck yesterday, when Pakistani forces conducted a brutal operation in Mehi village in Mashkay, Balochistan. The village was indiscriminately bombarded with aerial support whereas Dozens of civilians were killed and injured.
According to the Baloch Republican Party sources, Pakistani forces with the support of PAF (Pakistan Air Forces) sieges and launched a massive military operation in Mashkai’s Mehi village, where number of people were gathered to attend a funeral.
Dozens of Baloch innocent civilians were killed and injured, houses destroyed when an indiscriminate bombardment was followed by PAF, where jet also believed to have been used.
However, only five person among the killed ones were identified as Safar Khan Baloch, Saleman Baloch, Zakir Baloch, Ramzan and Alam Khan Baloch who were there attending a funeral of Martyr Suleman’s father, who died the other day. While among the injured victims are mostly women and children.
Meanwhile, the claims of Frontier Corps (FC)’s spokesman Khan Wasay were that 20 militants were killed in the operation where a helicopter from the home department was also used.
“During the operation, officials exchanged fire with militants which left one security official dead, and two others injured” the FC claimed in a statement published in The Express Tribune.
But no such statement that the FC claims, was confirmed from the independent sources until filling of this report.
However, the Balochistan Liberation Front, a militant organization in a statement to local media admitted death of four of it’s companions, saying that rest of the victims were none combat civilians who were killed in indiscriminate aerial bombardment of Pakistani army.

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