Tuesday 30 June 2015

Baloch Republican Party reformed its Switzerland Chapter cabinet.

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party Switzerland Chapter held a meeting in Geneva and discussed the party’s role in the past. The meeting continued after two minutes of silence in memory of martyrs of Baloch nation.
The party’s previous cabinet in Switzerland was dissolved and a new one was formed. In the newly formed cabinet, Sherbaz Bugti was appointed as the President of the chapter, Mohammad Nawaz Bugti as the Secretary General, Siraj Baloch as the joint Secretary and Qadir Bugti as the Vice President. While among other members of the party were, Jamal Khan Bugti, Abdul Bugti, Khuda Baksh Bugti, Jibran Baloch, Jiyand Baloch and iqbal Bugti.
Addressing the meeting, the newly elected President of the Chapter, Mr. Sher Baz Bugti vowed to raise the issue of Balochistan through the Party’s platform in Switzerland. Focusing on various agendas, Mr. Bugti said that party’s Switzerland chapter needs to be more active adding that they were given crucial obligations to work on.
Commenting on the current situation of Balochistan, he said that “Pakistan and China are plundering the resources of Balochistan, a land which is under forceful occupation of Pakistan from last 67 years”.
But Baloch nation had been raising voice against the illegal occupation of their land from the very first day of annexation and everyone was struggling in their own way to get rid of the occupation, Mr. Bugti said.
“Not against China, but we have the right to protest against any country that accompanies Pakistan on Baloch land”, he said.
Sher Baz Bugti said that using the word “terrorist” against Baloch pro-freedom leaders, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti in particular, Pakistan has demanded extradition of Baloch leaders. “I condemn Pakistan’s propagandistic allegation against Baloch leader of causing unrest” he said.
He said that anywhere in the world, if an occupier conquer a land, they would often characterized the nation as traitor or terrorist if it stands for independence.
“As a Baloch, it applies to every youth, to stand against Pakistani occupation and raise their voice around the world including the United nations against Pakistan’s barbarism and to tell them that Balochistan never was and will not be a part of Pakistan,” He further said.
He said their homeland was annexed through force and the Baloch Republican Party will raise voice against it at every forum it reaches. “Baloch Republican Party is a peaceful political party and we are demanding our right to freedom with regard to the United nation’s charter and our struggle will continue” He was quoted as saying.

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