Friday 23 October 2015

Strike against operations, HR abuses observed across Balochistan – BRP

Balochistan: Shutter down strike observed in different areas of Balochistan following the call given by Baloch Republican Party against recent gory military operations in Geshkor, Punjgor and violation of human rights by Pakistan armed forces, On Thursday.
According to details, shutter strikes against military operations, enforced disappearance, kill and dump of political activist were observed in different areas of Balochistan including Naseerabad, Dera Bugti, Kohlo, Kahan, Sui, Sibi, Mach, Mastung, Kalat, Soraab, Khuzdar, Kharan, Noshki, Dilbandag, Awaran, Punjgor, Kech, Gwadar and Balochistan’s capital Quetta on October 22.
Baloch Republican Party in it’s earlier statement said that Pakistani forces brutalized, killed and abducted many innocent Baloch civilians during an operations in Geshkor and Punjgor areas of Balochistan. The traffic was barely seen due to the shutter down strike.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

BRP calls for Shutter-down strike against recent massacre of civilians in Geshkor & Panjgur.

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party Central spokesman, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement said that state barbarism and crackdown against the Baloch political activist is continuously escalating.
He said that bombing civilian populated areas, abductions, torture, kill and dump of the Baloch political activists speeded up.
“Yesterday, a brutal military operation took place against the Baloch civilians in Tasp area of Punjgor where large scale military force was brought upon them” He said.

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Germany: BRP seminar on human rights situation in Balochistan held in Leipzig.

Germany: Baloch Republican Party’s Germany Secretary General, Jawad Mohammad Baloch in a statement said that a conference was held to highlight human rights violation, Pakistani barbarism and provide the German civil society with awareness about Balochistan, in Leipzig city of Germany.
The local German Association Club’s representatives have also participated in the conference and the participants were made aware about Balochistan in a documentary translated into German language through a projector.