About Us

This is offcial site of Baloch Republican Party Germany Chapter.
Baloch Republican Party was founded on 2008 after the death of Baloch national leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. Nawab Bugti was assassinated on 26 August 2006 by Pakistani armed forces in Balochistan. Since then, Mir Brahammdagh Bugti has been leading the Party. Mir Brahammdagh Bugti is currently living in exile in Switzerland as his life, along with thousands of BRP’s members has been threatened by Pakistani security forces.
Baloch Republican Party is democractic and secular organization. We believe in peaceful means of struggle. Our main goal is to repel Pakistani occupation and regain our sovereignty which was subdued by Pakistan in 1948.
Balochistan is, a Texas-size country, divided into three countries: Western part occupied by Iran, eastern Party annexed by Pakistan and northwestern part is under Afghanistan.

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