Wednesday 5 March 2014

Brutal army operation in Turbat, six abducted, report of heavy casualties. BRP Media Cell

Heavy military operation being carried out by the Pakistani Army in Shapuk and several other areas of Turbat, Balochistan.

According to Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources, Pakistani Army started a deadly military operation in Shapuk, Sami, Sherak and several other areas of Turbat Balochistan at midnight on Monday.

Local sources said that large numbers of ground troops with tanks and heavy artillery besieged almost entire Turbat district and launched the operation. Residents of the areas including women and children were harassed and brutally beaten up by the personnel of ruthless Pakistan Army.

Forces destroyed many houses including the house of BNM’s martyred leader Kachkol Bahar with IED explosives in Shapuk area during operation. Four people were abducted by the Pakistani forces who have been identified as Maqsood Baloch s/o Mohammad Ameen, Master Bejjar s/o Adam Baloch, Chakar Baloch s/o Master Bejjar and Shahab Baloch s/o Meskhan Baloch.

Baloch National Movement’s information secretary has said in a press statement that large number of occupying Pakistani troops backed by helicopters were bombarding civilian populace in Shabuk, Turbat since past two days.

He further said that Shapuk, Sami, Sherak and several other areas of Turbat were still under complete siege of Pakistan army and occupying forces bombing the villages.

Last reports from the areas under operation say there could be the civilians casualties during the operation but the exact figure of the damages has yet to be known due to the army siege in the area.

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