Saturday 22 March 2014

Five killed and eleven people abducted during latest military operations in Kech and Sui

Balochistan: Five people were killed and several including women have wounded in brutal military operation in Kech and one person abducted by Pakistani security forces from Sui.

Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources reported that Pakistani military has besieged the Pidrak region of district Kech  in Balochistan and conducted an indiscriminate operation on saturday morning. According to details Pakistani military backed by gunship helicopters launched an operation in Pidrak  area of Kech, indiscriminately bombarded houses and killed at least five persons and several including women have been wounded by heavy bombardment.

The deceased have been named as Sameer s/o Naseer kamalan, Haji Kamal s/o Musa, Murad Hasil along with his two sons, Akram and Islam. While eight people Asim s/o Gul Muhammad, Muheem s/o Asim, Sagheer s/o Ameet, Meero s/o Hussain, Imam s/o Hussain, Aalim s/o Hussain, Perviaz s/o Mazar Baloch and Jalal s/o Mazar Baloch were abducted by Pakistani forces during operation from the Pidrak region..

Meanwhile BRP Media Cell sources reported from Sui, Pakistani Army along with local death squad abducted three people from different areas of Sui  town of district Dera Bugti. The abductees have been named as Wadera Abdul Hakeem Bugti; the head of Mandwani subtribe, Wadera Jan Mohammad Bugti and Khushal Bugti s/o Hadee Bugti. Eyewitnesses said that forces shifted the abducted people to Sui army cantonment after inhuman torture on them.

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