Thursday 27 March 2014

Baloch Republican Party (BRP GERMANY) activists marked 27 March as a Black Day

27 March 1948- Balochistan`s Occupation Day

Germany: Baloch Republican Party chapter Germany activists marked 27 March as a Black Day & passed the message of ongoing human rights voilation in Balochistan & delivered pamflets to door to door houses in different cities of Germany.
Wich were Berlin, Frankfurt and Aachen and (BRP Germany) activists requested to the citizens and residence of Germany to support for the freedom movment of Balochistan.
Pakistan conducted five major military offensives on the occasion of 1948, 1958, 1963, 1973 and the latest phase started in January 2000 when the military dictator retired General Prevez Musharraf declared war against Baloch people. This last phase has been the most brutal after 1973 and the Baloch also consider this phase as the most crucial for their survival.

Since the occupation of sovereign state of Balochistan in 1948 the Baloch has been observing the 27 March as a Black day. On this day in 1948 Pakistan attacked and forcefully annexed the Baloch country at gunpoint. Soon after the forcible merger Baloch resistant movement started under the leadership of Agha Abdul Kareem Khan, who was the younger brother
of the ruler of Balochistan.

Hence, from 27 March onward the conflict between Balochistan and Pakistan has started. Thousands of Baloch were killed and abducted during each military operation since 1948 and their houses and livestock were destroyed by the Pakistani forces. According to Baloch Republican Party Media Cell at least 19000 Baloch activists including highly educated Baloch men and women have been abducted since the beginning of this last phase of liberation struggle. 

BRP also says that more than 1600 abducted Baloch have been killed under-custody by Pakistan forces and further 1200 best cadres of Baloch including university professors, students, lawyers, poets, singers and human rights and social activists have been target   killed by Pakistan military and their hired criminal gangs.

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