Saturday 22 March 2014

Baloch Republican Party UK chapter held a protest demonstration in front of British parliament

UK: Baloch Republican Party UK chapter to held a Protest demonstration in front of British Parliament against Killings of innocent Baloch in Lyari, karachi. On going Military operations and human rights violations such as enforced disappearances, kill and dump in Balochistan also will be highlighted in the protest.
Thousaand of Baloch were killed and abducted during each military operation since 1948 and their houses and livestock were destroyed by thr pakistani forces. According to Baloch Republican Party Media Cell at least 19000 Baloch activists including highly educated Baloch men and woman have been abducted since the beginning of last phase of liberation struggle. BRP says that more then 1600 abducted Baloch have been killed under-custody of Pakistani forces and further 1200 best cader of Baloch including university professors, students, lawyers, poets, singers and human rights and social activists have been target killed by pakistani military and their hired criminal gangs.

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