Sunday 9 July 2017

Pakistan Army killed three, abducted 250+ including women in Dera Bugti operation

Dera Bugti: Pakistani army abducted numbers of Baloch innocent including women and children from Dera Bugti today.
According to reports, Pakistani army carried out a huge military operation in Uch and outside of Pat areas in Dera Bugti and forcefully abducted more than 250 Baloch civilians who belonged Mundar Clan of Bugti tribe. All the abductees were the family members and relatives  of Haqqo Bugti, Nooral Bugti, and Wahido Bugti.
The Pakistan army, on other hand, looted more than 300 camels from the same people. Three people were also killed in cold-blood when they resisted the abduction of their families members by the Pakistani forces. Their dead bodies were also have taken.
Meanwhile Baloch leader and president of Baloch Republican Party, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, while confirming the incident from his official twitter account, said  that the army abducted 250 Baloch, of among which 100 are women and children who were taken away by army in Uch area of Dera Bugti.
It is worth to mention here that Pakistan armed forces backed by gunship helicopters have carrying out grand-scale operation in different areas of Dera Bugti and Naseerabad district from four consecutive days.

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