Monday 31 July 2017

Pakistan Army killed four Baloch youth in Kolwa operation – BRP

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party spokesman Sher Mohammad Bugti strongly condemned Pakistani army barbarity in Kolwah and Dera Bugti.
“Pakistani forces using power of its Military might, heavy sophisticated weapons, ground troops and gunship Helicopters being used in Kolwah operation where dozens of Houses were torched down and four Baloch of same family were killed due to indiscriminate bombardment by the army helicopters. The victims were identified as Hasil s/o Yaar Mohammad, Shakir s/o Year Mohammad, Sadiq s/o Sobin, Mujeeb s/o Raza.” He said.
Mr Bugti said that Sadiq and Shakir were affiliated with BSO-Azad and Shaheed Mujeeb was a member of Baloch National Movement. “Pakistan army brutality continue from past three days in Kolwah where Pakistani forces abducted Yaar Mohammad and Sobain Baloch. The abductees belong to the family of those Baloch youths who were killed in Army operation in Kolwa yesterday.  The abducted people were dragged from their homes before being taken to undisclosed locations by the vicious Pakistani forces, he further added.
He further said that the state forces are building new army check posts and driving the locals away to invade their homes. “Baloch is a strong nation and Pakistan’s occupational forces’s murder of Baloch and brutality will never undermine the ongoing struggle of the Baloch people for independence but it will further the strengthen the resolve of the Baloch and continue to provide energy to the the cause”.
He said that the occupying forces burned down six houses during another military operation in Dranjan area of Dera Bugti after looting all the precious belonging from the houses.
Mr Spokesman appealed to the human right organization to play effective role in order stop bloodshed and state atrocities in Balochistan

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