Tuesday 23 May 2017

No end to the army Operations: Pakistani forces kill four and abduct several from Awaran and Kech – BRP

Geneva: Central spokesman for Baloch Republican Party Sher Mohammad Bugti in his statement said that Pakistani forces crossed all limits of violence and brutality in Balochistan.
“State aggressions crossed all limits, he said, “Pakistani army conducted a heavy military offensive against defenseless innocent Baloch. Helicopters, artilleries, and other kind of sophisticated modern weapons were used against civilian population in Jahoo and other surrounding areas of Awaran, Balochistan.”
He said that four mutilated dead bodies of Baloch innocent were found dumped during the operation. Two of the victims, who were believed to be abducted previously by army, have been identified as Hidayatullah Baloch resident of Pasni and Sadam resident of Garishah. both the victims had been suffering in illegal detentions of state forces before being brutally murdered.
“We are deeply concerned that other dead bodies that have not been recognized might be those of previously abducted Baloch,”  Mr. Spokesman said, adding that Pakistani forces looted, ransacked and burned down almost every house in Jan Mohammad Bazar of Kech district.
He further said that in meantime, Pakistani army burned houses of Mulla Qayum s/o Rashid and Basham s/o Haji  after looting valuables from them in Sholeg area of Dasht. Dozens of innocent civilians, including women and children, suffered critical injuries after being beaten and tortured by the army personnels during the operation. They also abducted and taken away a student namely Tahir s/o Allah Bakhsh.
He said that same thing is happening in Dera Bugti and Kohistan Marri where Pakistani army started constant shelling from Helicopters to target the civilians.
Mr. Spokesman appealed International human rights groups and all neighbouring countries to take notice of war crimes being committed by the Pakistani forces in Balochistan.

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