Sunday 11 September 2016

Pakistan army kills 15 including women & children in Dera Bugti operation

Dera Bugti: Military offensive carried out in bordering areas of Dera Bugti and Punjab. More than 15 people killed, 8 injured and 26 Baloch civilian including women and children have been abducted.
BRP Media Cell sources reported that Pakistani forces, backed by gunship helicopter,  carried out a massive military operation in Gyandari and Rajanpur, the bordering areas between Dera Bugti and Punjab. More than 15 innocent Baloch civilians including four women and two children have been killed, 8 injured and at least 26 people have been abducted during the military operation.
The majority of the abducted ones were women and children, as well. More than eight gunship helicopters, 37 armored vehicles and hundreds of troops took part in the operation.
Although the identification of the abducted and injured ones remained unconfirmed, BRP sources have verified the identification of killed ones as: Shabana d/o Jarru Bugti, Laalen w/o Jarru Bugti, Razia d/o Jarru Bugti, Haani w/o Aalim Bugti, Shaani w/o Dilmurad Bugti, Dilmurad s/o Chakar Bugti, Aalim s/o Chakar Bugti, Shahmir Bugti, Lala Mohammad Bugti, Raza Mohammad Bugti, Jaan Mohammad s/o Salim Bugti,  Meer s/o Qalati Bugti, Ghulam Qadir Bugti s/o Janno Bugti, Noor Ali Bugti, and Chalu Bugti s/o Jumma Bugti.
More than sixty houses belonging to the civilians of the areas have been burned down by Pakistani army during the military operation that was conducted earlier in the morning.

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