Saturday 10 September 2016

One killed & 19 abducted in Sui operations: Siege on Baloch activist house continues in Turbat – BRP Media Cell report

Balochistan: Pakistani forces are besieging house of a political activist in Turbat from four days. Separate military operations in Sui and Syahaaf areas: One killed and 19 people abducted, so far.
According to BRP Media Cell sources, Pakistani forces have been sieging house of the political activist, Mr. Pirjan, with his minor and family members inside from past four consecutive days in Turbat. Although, the HRCP has visited the scene, the siege seems to continue.
Meanwhile, Pakistani forces have conducted military operations in different areas of Dera Bugti including Shahri Darbar, Asreli and Dilbar Mat. Dozens of houses of the Baloch civilian population were set on fire during the military operation, and At least 19 members of a family have been abducted during these operations.
Name of the people who were abducted by the Pakistani forces during military operation in different areas of Sui, including Shari Darbar, Asreli & Dilbar Mat: 1) Laloo Bugti, 2) Aharo s/o Sawali Bugti, 3) Hazaro s/o Sawali Bugti, 4) zenna d/o Sawali Bugti, 5) Mher bibi w/o Fareed, 6) Patoli w/o Fareed Bugti, 7) mukhi d/o Fareed, 8) zemmi w/o Marshalla, 9) Guddi d/o Rakhiya, 10) Khan bibi d/o Rakhiya, 11) Sammi w/o Talla Bugti, 12) Ali Mohammad s/o Talla Bugti, 13) Sadoori d/o Marshalla, 14) Gazzi s/o Marshallah, 15) Niaz Mohammad s/o Marshallah, 16) Bakhti d/o Laloo Bugti, 17) Noori d/o Laloo Bugti, 18) Dildar s/o Laloo and 19) Nasreen w/o Laloo.
A Baloch civilian was also killed during the operation. The victim was identified Shambo Bugti who was picked up, killed and dumped by Pakistani army during the military operation in these areas.
On the other hand, Pakistani forces abducted yet another Baloch civilian during a raid on his house in Chattar area of Naseerbad. The victim has been identified as Nisar Bugti son of Karman Bugti but his whereabouts remained undisclosed until filling of this report.

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