Tuesday 13 September 2016

32 people killed 100+ abducted in three days military operation in Dera Bugti & Naseerabad districts

Dera Bugti: Military aggression in different areas of Naseerabad and Dera Bugti districts continued on third consecutive day.
According to the details, Pakistani forces have launched an intensive military operation in bordering areas of Dera Bugti & Rajanpur, including Geyandari, Jathero Rekho and Zamuran. Hundreds of Pakistani military troops backed by six gunship helicopters indiscriminately attacking civil populations since 9th of Sep.
Sources from Dera Bugti have confirmed that 15 people were killed, 8 got injured and 26 were abducted while up to 100 houses, and shelters of the residents were burnt to ashes in the first two days of army operation in Geyandani and it surrounding areas.
Local police sources confirmed to the BRP Media Cell that Army handed over 10 more mutilated corpses to the Sui police, that were brought via helicopters from Geyandari, while five women and ten men were also abducted are shifted to unknown location by forces during the operation.
25 people including women and children were killed by Pakistan army during Geyandari operation, who have been identified as:Shabana d/o Jarru Bugti, Lalain w/o Jarru Bugti, Razia d/o Jarru Bugti, Haani w/o Aalim Bugti, Shaani w/o Dilmurad Bugti, Dilmurad s/o Chakar Bugti, Aalim s/o Chakar Bugti, Shahmir Bugti, Lala Mohammad Bugti, Raza Mohammad Bugti, Jaan Mohammad s/o Salim Bugti,  Meer s/o Qalati Bugti, Ghulam Qadir Bugti s/o Janno Bugti, Noor Ali Bugti, Chalu Bugti s/o Jumma Bugti, Pandhi Bugti, Shari w/o Pandhi Bugti, Hanul d/o Pandhi Bugti, Lalian d/o Pandhi Bugti, Razaq s/o Pandhi Bugti, Jhanda Bugti s/o Nooz Ali Bugti, Noz Ali Bugti s/o Nor Mohd Bugti, Mushtaq Bugti, Shahzaib Bugti, and Nora Bugti.
The victims belong to different clans of the Bugti tribe, are residents of Geyandani and surrounding areas. The bodies of victims were completely decomposed and chemicals were splashed on the faces of the victims which mutilated them almost beyond recognition.
Meanwhile seven people including three women were killed in army offensive on civil populations of Chattar and Hothi in Dera Bugti’s adjacent district of Naseerabad. Forces conducted similar operation as Geyandari, Gunship helicopters targeted villages from air while ground troops carried out search operation and burnt villages of poor tribesmen. Army opened fire on a village in Hothi area, which resulted in killing of two women among three who have been identified as Abdul Karim, his wife Naaz Gul & daughter Sharbano. Similarly four persons were picked up by forces during operation, later their bodies were recovered in Chatter. Two of the victims have been recognized as Dozar Bugti and Amanullah s/o Mouj Bugti while identification of the rest could not been confirmed so far due to decomposition of the bodies. In the meantime forces have abducted nine people their identification could not been verified immediately.
According to reports from Turbat, security forces have picked up a 22 year old mother with two daughters, one three years old, while the other a three months old baby, on the 7th day of siege of Rauf Baloch’s house in Turbat, Balochistan.
Moreover, spokesman of the Baloch Republican Party has said that Pakistan is committing heinous crimes in Balochistan, forces are killings Baloch people like cattles. Muslims around the world celebrating the holy day of Eid while Islamic Republic of Pakistan slaughtering innocent civilians in Dera Bugti and Naseerabad.
He urged human rights organizations to raise voice against brutal killings of civilians in Dera Bugti.

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