Monday 14 March 2016

BRP representative addresses UNHRC session on worst rights abuses in Balochistan

Geneva: The Baloch Republican Party representative at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Mr Abdul Nawaz Bugti has said that Pakistani state was committing worst human rights abuses in Balochistan for decades now.  
While addressing at the UNHRC 31st session in Geneva on Friday, Mr Bugti said that the worst human rights situations in Balochistan was being ignored by International Community.
Talking about Balochistan, where worst human rights abuses are taking place on a daily basis, he said that although Pakistan had signed and ratified a number of human rights conventions, including the Convention Against Torture, torture is still massively and systematically practised by Pakistani security forces in Balochistan.
“Military operations against civil populace, enforced disappearances, torture, extrajudicial killings and dumping of mutilated dead bodies of Baloch political activists and civilians have become a routine practice of Pakistani security forces” he added.
He further said that since the beginning of this year, Pakistani forces carried out military operations in Dera Bugti, Panjgur, Sibi, Turbat, Mastung and other parts of Balochistan. 12232 Baloch political activists and civilians including women and children were abducted while 323 people have been killed in custody and their mutilated dead bodies were discovered. Security forces kill previously abducted students & political activists and dump their dead bodies during military operations, after labelling them as militants.
“In year 2015, Pakistani forces confessed to have conducted 2000 military operations in Balochistan implementing the inhumane National Action Plan where  204 people were killed while 9000 people were arrested. The real number of the victims is much more than these official figures as no independent media & human rights group is allowed to report from there”, Mr Bugti said.
Mr Abdul Nawaz further stated that human rights abuses by Pakistani forces in Balochistan have intensified after the agreements with China on so-called CPEC projects which aim to convert the local Baloch people into a minority and plunder their land and natural resources.
BRP representative appealed to the representatives of civilized countries in the United Nations Human Rights Council to pay attention to the human crises in Balochistan and play their role to stop the silent genocide of Baloch people.

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