Sunday 19 July 2015

BRP protested in South Korea to highlight state barbarism in Balochistan

Basun, south Korea: Baloch Republican Party South Korean chapter held an awareness protest in Basun to highlight Human Rights Violations in Balochistan and forceful occupation of Baloch land, on Sunday.
The Baloch Republican Party South Korean chapter has organized a protest at Busan, spread awareness about Baloch struggle and Pakistani state atrocities on Baloch Nation.
President of BRP South Korean Chapter Naseer Baloch addressed the gathering and said that Pakistani forces and intelligence agencies were killing Balochs just because they were demanding their right to their land, therefore paying its price with blood.
During the protest daughter of Naseer Baloch, Banuk Hafsa Baloch appealed the world powers to stop Pakistan from committing war crimes in Balochistan. She further said that Balochs were the most oppressed nation who were not allowed to live life on their own land according to the terms prescribed by International law.
“Its the moral responsibility of the World powers to take immediate notice of human rights abuses in Balochistan and military operations taking place on daily basis”, she said.
The honorable wife of Naseer Baloch also expressed her views on Baloch cause. While addressing the gathering she said “Balochs are struggling for a free Balochistan.”
“Mothers are sacrificing their young sons for the independence of Balochistan. These sacrifices are precious, which should not go in vain, therefore its the responsibility of all mothers to bring up their children with songs of freedom and bravery”, Mrs Naseer added. She further said that it was the duty of every son and every brother to come up with the expectations of their mothers and sisters.

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