Monday 20 July 2015

Punjgor: BRP leader, Samad Baloch’s house raided in Garamkan

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani forces raided the houses of Baloch Republican Party leader Sardar Samad Baloch and Waleed Hameed in Garamkan area of Punjgor. Violated the sanctity of the houses and tortured women and children.
Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources reported that Pakistani forces attacked the house of Central leader of the Baloch Republican Party, Sardar Samad Baloch and Waleed Hameed in Garamkan Punjgor. They tortured the women and children, looted the valuables of the houses and then desecrated them.
While, it would be a reminder mentioning here that Fourteen years old, Balach Baloch, Mr. Samad’s son was abducted by Pakistani forces a week back in Sabzaap,
In fact, he was a student and headed home from Quetta to Punjgor when he was whisked away by Pakistani intelligence agency personnel in Sabzaap.

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