Tuesday 1 July 2014

Pakistani forces welcomed Ramadan with more military operations & HR violations – Sher Mohammad Bugti

Swiss: The so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan welcomes the Islamic holy month of Ramadan with more violence in occupied Balochistan and committing more crimes against humanity. Yesterday, Pakistani forces started a fresh offensive in Shapuk area of  Turbat and indiscriminately attacked the civilian populace of the area.
Pakistani forces, the so-called champions of Islam, attacked houses of Baloch civilians by violating the sanctity of Baloch households, harassed and tortured the residents including women and children. Five Baloch women have been wounded in the inhumane torture. Eight Baloch have also been abducted by the forces during the offensive.
The abducted people have been identified as Nisar Ahmed, Balach, Master Jawed, Hasan, Master Sudeer, Master Assa, Hassan and Wahid. Wahid Baloch got married only a day before his abduction by the forces
The forces also desecrated the graves of martyred Baloch activists Shaheed Kachkol Bahar and Shaheed Akram Shahzad. Destroying the last resting places of the Baloch martyrs in clear violation of humanitarian and Islamic laws by the barbarian forces of Pakistan in this holy month. Such violations of human rights are likely to continue through and after this holy month of fasting when Muslims throughout the world dedicate themselves to praying.
The destruction of the martyrs’ graves exposes the psychological defeat of the Pakistani state which is afraid of even the dead bodies and the graves of the Baloch martyrs. Pakistani state and its forces claim to be the fortress and forces of Islam but their real face is exposed in Balochistan on everyday basis. We request to the Muslim and civilized countries of the world to denounce and end every type of moral and financial support to this evil state.

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