Tuesday 22 July 2014

Baloch Republican Party condemns acid attack on Baloch women in Quetta and Mastung.

Quetta: Baloch Republican Party spokesman Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement condemned the recent acid attacks on Baloch women in Quetta and Mastung areas of Balochistan.
Pakistani extremists attacked four Baloch women in Saryab Road area of Quetta and splashed acids on their faces on Monday. As a result, the women suffered from mass burn marks and have reportedly been in critical condition when they were shifted to Bolan  Medical Complex.
Similarly, State extremists targeted two Baloch women in Mastung, both of the women have also suffered from same injuries on their faces and hands today.

“Baloch women has a very honorable status in the Baloch society and it is against Baloch traditions and humanitarian values to attack women” Sher Mohammad Bugti added. He further said that human rights organizations and women rights organizations should raise their voice against acid attacks and oppression of Baloch women by Pakistani state-backed extremist elements in Balochistan.

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