Saturday 26 July 2014

State atrocities continue in Holy Ramazan: Forces raid BRP leader house in Punjgor.

Swiss: Baloch Republican Party’s central spokesman Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement said that the brutalities of the occupying state of Pakistan in Balochistan continue unabated in the holy month of Ramazan in Balochistan. The recent acid attacks on Baloch women in Quetta and Mastung & raid on the house of senior BRP leader Sardar Samad Baloch in Punjgor are the continuity of atrocities against Baloch people by the Pakistani state.
Mr Bugti further said that the armed forces of Pakistan attacked the house of Baloch Republican Party central committee and a senior leader Sardar Samad Baloch in Punjgor at the Suhoor time this dawn today.

The personnel of Pakistani forces broke into the house and violated the sanctity of the household. The family members of Sardar Samad Baloch were badly tortured and harassed during the raid and valuables of the houses were looted by the Pakistani forces.
Several innocent Baloch civilians were abducted by the forces during the raids on the houses in Punjgor. The brutalities of the Pakistani forces during the holy month of Ramazan expose the real face of the so-called islamic state that wastes no time in shedding crocodile tears for the Palestinians but continue with the same atrocities against the Baloch people in Balochistan, he added.
Mr Bugti strongly condemns the recent acid attacks of state-backed religious extremists in Quetta and Mastung where six Baloch women were targeted and wounded within 24 hours. He said, women have a very honorable status in the Baloch society and it is against Baloch traditions & humanitarian values to attack women.
Sher Mohammad Bugti said that Baloch women are playing a crucial and lead role in the Baloch struggle. Afraid of their participation in Baloch freedom struggle, the state tries to deter Baloch women with various crimes including acid attacks. He appeal to the world organizations including women rights and human rights bodies to raise their voice for the Baloch women being oppressed by the Pakistani state and its sponsored extremist elements.

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