Wednesday 28 May 2014

The Nuclear: Once again 28th May remind us “The destruction of our People”.

By Baloch, a writer.

Once again 28th May reminds us the destruction of our people by an explosion of the atomic Bomb which was carried out  on May 28, 1998 in Chagai, Baochistan by Pakistani government for taking a simple test of it. Let me start from introducing the “Nuclear Bomb”.

The detonation of a single nuclear bomb or “warhead” would cause a local disaster on a scale that few people in the world have seen and survived. However, it should not be confused with the effects of a nuclear war, in which many nuclear bombs would be exploded. That would cause the end of civilization in the countries concerned, and perhaps over the whole world, as well as radioactive contamination of whole continents, and terrible damage to the environment and ecology.
The effect of a single bomb would depend on its power, and where it exploded — high in the air or at ground level — and whether in a densely populated and built-up area like a city or in open country like an attack on a missile silo. 
A nuclear weapon is not just a big bomb.
It does not have the same make up as a terrorist bomb or heavy artillery fire seen on the news from any global conflict. It’s very difficult to write, let alone read, what these weapons can do to people. But it’s vital that we understand the differences.
With a conventional weapon, most of the damage is done by the sheer force of the explosion. In contrast, much of the power of nuclear weapons comes from thermal (heat) and ionizing (nuclear) radiation, caused by the splitting or joining together of atoms. The effects of a nuclear weapon increase in relation to its explosive power. Also, a blast some distance above the earth would create different effects than one exploded at (or below) ground level.
Pakistan has conducted its nuclear tests in 28th May 1998 in a crowded populace area named Chagai region of Balochistan. The nuclear had resulted a huge and heavy destruction on the area. About millions of people were affected and their lives turn on a destruction, The entire next generation was struck down with a radiation disease. Thousands of child victimization with birth defects, In the result of Pakistan’s so-called Islamic atomic bomb test. IN this picture you can see  a Baloch boy with birth defects, a victim of Pakistan‘s Islamic Atomic Bomb.
The test of Pakistan’s Nuclear has resulted a scale-massive disease on the wildlife too. Wildlife have also been victimized in Chagai by the explosion of the atomic bomb of Pakistan. here is the picture showing the result of wildlife destruction. Why Pakistan always choose Balochistan for it’s bloody tests and operations?
Pakistan should be interrogated and must be held accountable for this deathly disease against the people of chagai, Balochistan. We want justice for our People of Chagai, Balochistan who are suffering from this deathly disease forever. Spread Awareness across the World.

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