Thursday 29 May 2014

Decomposed dead body of political activist Dur Mohammad Bugti found from Kotri, Sindh – BRP Media Cell

Jamshoro Pakistan: Bullet riddled and decomposed dead body of Dur Mohammad s/o Jeyand Bugti has been found dumped in Kotri area of Jamshoro district of Sindh here on Thursday.
Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources said that a bullet riddled dead body was found near Kotri area of Jamshoro district. Local authorities reached at the site and shifted the body to Kotri civil hospital, where it has been identified as Dur Mohammad s/o Jeyand Bugti. He was abducted along with his four other family members by Pakistani secret agencies from their homes in Nawabshah on 17th of April, 2014, while whereabouts of rest of three abducted persons, Ramzan s/o Jeyand Bugti, Rozi s/o Ramza Bugti and Wazir khan s/o Pathan Bugti still remain unknown.
All three abductees and deceased Dur Muhammad belong to the family of Baloch Republican Party’s activists Mr Sher Baz Bugti and Raiz Gul Bugti, both are in exile in Switzerland. Sher Baz Bugti while speaking to BRP Media Cell said Sher Baz Bugti said that they were committed with cause.
He said state’s such tactic of killing of family members  would not determine them from the struggle of freedom for their motherland. They would continue struggle for free and sovereign Balochistan, he said.

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