Saturday 24 May 2014

Endless bloodbath in Balochistan: Seven tortured corpses of abducted Baloch activists found from Raheem Yar Khan and Sibbi- BRP Media Cell

Balochistan: Five bullet riddled bodies of previously abducted Baloch activists were found dumped on Rohjan road near Raheem Yar Khan in Panjab, while two bodies were recovered from Sibbi, Balochistan on Friday.
Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources said that at least five decomposed corpses were found on Rojhan road in Rahim Yar khan. Three of them were recognized as Wadera Zabar Khan Bugti s/o Hassan Khan Bugti, Bevragh Bugti s/o Cheghrdo Bugti and Badla Mazari Baloch, who were affiliated with Baloch Republican Party while two are still not identified yet.
Janu Bugti, brother of deceased Bevragh Bugti while talking to BRP Media Cell says that all the victims were abducted by personnel of Panjab police and ISI in broad day  from Bugti refugee camps near Raheem Yar Khan two months ago.
He said their family was unaware of the fate of their abducted loved ones since their abduction. Yesterday, they were informed that Bevragh along with his four companions were tortured to death under custody of ISI and their decomposed and bullet-ridden bodies were dumped in a desolated area on Rojhan road in Raheem Yar Khan.
Meanwhile, two tortured dead bodies were recovered from Sibbi bypass yesterday. The bodies have been identified as Iftkhar Marri and Raiz Marri.

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