Thursday 3 August 2017

Six civilians killed in latest army aggression in Dera Bugti – BRP

Quetta: Baloch Republican Party Dera Bugti zone President Riaz Gul Bugti, in a statement released to media on Thursday has said that Pakistan forces are committing serious war crimes in Balochistan.
“Pakistani military forces launched a grand-scale military operation in different areas of Dera Bugti, Wago, Doe, Chabadar, and in Kohlu’s  Nisau, Janat ali, Sowis, Sharin Kor and Sakhin areas. The state forces besieged all the areas and continued shelling from the helicopters, which reportedly killed for people whose identification remain unknown as yet” He said.
Mr Bugti said that two motorcyclists were murdered by Pakistan Helicopters shelling in the area of Doe, Dera Bugti. While more than 600 livestocks such as camel & goats were seized from the poor family, they were put in army trucks headed to Dera Bugti fort.
“Meanwhile, The nearby areas of Pirkoh areas are also under military offensive. The brutal state forces abducted, tortured, killed and dumped dead body of Majid Bugti, a school teacher, near graveyard in Dera Bugti” Mr Bugti said, adding that Baloch Republican Party strongly condemn such inhuman act and we believe Pakistan army wants to enslave Baloch permanently by eradicating their educated class.
He further said that same is that case in Kech area of Tump where the graves of the Baloch martyrs are destroyed disgracefully by the state forces. Riaz Gul Bugti appealed Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and all international human rights organizations to take notice of the ongoing war crimes being committed by the Pakistani forces in Balochistan.

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