Sunday 21 May 2017

Army atrocities sees no end; forces abduct & kill civilians in Kech, Dera Bugti – BRP

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party spokesman, Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti said in a statement state atrocities and human rights violations continue unabated in Balochistan.
“In past few days, Pakistani forces targeted civilians population and abducted dozens of Baloch during military operation in Dera Bugti, Kohistan Marri, and Kech, adding that Pakistani forces used their full military might against and indiscriminately targeted Baloch civilians like poor nomads during heavy military offensive in bordering areas of Dera Bugti Bugti and Kohistan Marri, including Janat Ali, Sekhain, Chabdar, and Nisau.
He further said that one Baloch was killed and four other were injured. Large numbers of houses were looted and burned to the ground. Many Baloch innocent were abducted during these offensive, but their identity could not be confirmed immediately.
“Similarly, Pakistan army conducted offensive in different areas of Dasht, Kech and targeted civil populace, harassed and tortured women and children. The Pakistani forces and intelligence agencies abducted and taken dozens of Baloch innocent civilians to an undisclosed location in Dasht’s Jam Mohammad, Zyarathi and other adjacent areas.
Mr Bugti said that fourteen people were abducted during Dasht operation, who have been identified as Muslim s/o Barkath, Waris s/o Ghafor, Tariq s/o Haji Wali, Obaid s/o Shay Mahammad,  Abdullah /so Rustom, Karim Bakhsh s/o Sher Mohammad, Shah Jaan s/o Aase,  Atghar s/o Lal Bakhsh, Rafiq s/o Lal Baskhsh, Amithan s/o Rafiq, Shay Mohammad s/o Mohammad, Darjan s/o Shay Mohammad, Murad Jaan s/o Babuar, Anyath s/o Sher Mohammad
BRP spokesman called on the international community and human rights organizations to take immediate notice of state atrocities in Balochistan.

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