Tuesday 23 May 2017

London: BRP protests against Pakistani brutalities in the Balochistan

London: Baloch Republican Party London zone carried out a mass protest demonstration and rally against ongoing Baloch genocide, abductions of
Baloch women and Children, and continues military operations in Balochistan in London on Saturday.
The protest rally started from Pakistani embassy in UK and ended outside British Prime Minister house. BRP members and other Baloch activists living in
London joined the rally and chanted different slogans against Pakistan’s war crimes, Baloch genocide, and so-called China-Pak economic Corridor.
BRP UK president Mansoor Baloch, while addressing the participants of the protesters, said that the objective of this protest and rally is to send message to the world that Baloch is a living nation and it is struggling for the protection of its national identity. “ World cannot ignore Baloch movement if we grow unity among us” he added.
Addressing the rally, member of BRP human rights wing, Hakeem Wadhela said that we are thankful for the those who joined protest rally of BRP UK zone to raise awareness about state atrocities and human right abuses.2017-05-20-PHOTO-00000147
“The aim of this rally is to bring Pakistani brutality before world”, he said, adding that we are here to tell the citizens of London that even on this date, Pakistani Army abducting Baloch women, children, elders, and youth in broad daylight and whereafter their dead bodies are thrown in wild areas.” He added.
The Rally was joined by BNM’s leader Hammal Haider, Mahadem Baloch, Abdullah Baloch and large numbers of Baloch people living in London.  After the protest rally, BRP UK zone’s General body meeting was held in London and chaired by Mansoor Baloch. The meeting commenced after two minutes of silence in the memory of Baloch Martyrs .
The meeting focused on national and international political situation, the future course of action, and different agendas, that were discussed by party workers.
While addressing the meeting, Mansoor Baloch said that time and circumstances desperately need us to speak up for unity in order to deter the evil designs of enemy, “the enemy is using all tactics to keep Baloch nation slave and repeat the same policies like they did in Bangladesh”, he said.
Mansoor Baloch said that every Baloch residing in Europe should remember the messages of Baloch martyrs and play effective role to turn their desire of an independent and sovereign state of Balochistan into reality. BRP UK Secretary General Yasin Baloch presented report of past performances, upon which the cabinet expressed confident.
2017-05-20-PHOTO-00000193The Zonal cabinet election was held, in which Mansoor Baloch once again elected as the chapter’s president with majority votes. Mubarak Baloch elected as Vice president, Hakeem Wadhela as General Secretary, Aqeel Baloch as Deputy General secretary, Yasin Baloch as Press Secretary, and Nisar Ali Baloch as finance Secretary.
The cabinet members expressed full confidence in the party under the leadership of Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti and vowed not to hesitate to Make sacrifice to complete the mission of Baloch martyrs like Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Shaheed Sher Mohammad Baloch, Shaheed Mureed Bugti, Shaheed Jalil Rekhi, Shaheed, Sangat Sana Baloch and thousands of other martyrs.
The elected members said that it is now our responsibility to utilize all the energies for our motherland to spread and bring message of father of the Nation Shaheed Nawab Akbar to every home.

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