Wednesday 16 March 2016

Remembering the victims of 17 March 2005 massacre in Dera Bugti, Balochistan

Dera Bugti: On 17th March 2005, Pakistan Army attacked Balochistan’s Dera Bugti town with gunship helicopters, mortars and rocket shells. Pakistan army came up with an inhuman plan to use all available air and ground power to eliminate prominent Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.
The military forces started shelling the town of Dera Bugti, the headquarter of Bugti tribe and the ancestral home of the Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. Rockets and mortars also targeted his house where he was attending a meeting with his tribesmen, but luckily he survived.
72 innocent civilians were killed, among them were innocent 33 Hindu worshipers, including children, men, women and more than 100 people were severely injured with the severe damage to the houses including Mosque and a Hindu temple. The minority Hindus had taken shelter inside the temple in Nawab Akbar Bugti’s compound when it was hit by rockets fired deliberately on Nawab Bugti’s house by Pakistani armed forces.
Number of Nawab Bugti’s family members and close companions were wounded but fortunately Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti remained unhurt in that brutal assault.
Pakistani media as always completely ignored this act of state terrorism as army controlled the media.
The details of martyred Persons of Hindu Minorities
On 17th March, 2005 at Dera Bugti, Balochistan by Pakistani armed forces:
Name, parentage and age
1  Atti Divi D/O Bacha Mal One & half years
2 Quvita Devi D/O Dewan Chand 3 years
3 Sarkasha Devi D/O Saroon Kumar Two & half years
4 Amar Devi D/O Rajesh Kumar One & half years
5 Deepak Kumar S/O Narenjan Kumar One & half years
6 Vicky Kumar S/O Tara Kumar One & half years
7 Ajeet Kumar S/O Vicky Kumar 2 Years
8 Washal S/O Manoher Lal Five & half years
9 Raveet S/O Manoher Lal Two & half years
10 Rekha Devi D/O Rukan Chand 5 years
11 Ameer Chand S/O Rukan Chand 2 Years
12 Sant Kumar S/O Nand Lal 5 Years
13 Sangeeta Davi D/O Nand Lal 3 Years
14 Narmeeta Devi D/O Moti Lal 7 Years
15 Vikram S/O Sant lal 9 Years
16 Barkha Devi D/O Luchhman Singh 3 Years
17 Ramesh Kumar S/O Preetam Kumar 1 Year
18 Ravi Kumar S/O Ramesh lal 5 Years
19 Ameet kumar S/O Dewan Chand 16 Years
These victims included some women too, which are the following:
1 Zarka Devi W/O Manoher Lal
2 Sharmeela deve W/O Rukan Chand
3 Mai Conish Devi W/O Moti Lal
11 innocent men also were also among those who lost their lives without any crime, but were punished by the Pakistani state.
Men Names
1 Mukhi Mohan Mal S/O Bharma Mals
2 Dewan Chand S/O Tara Chand
3 Saroom Kumar S/O Deyal Dass
4 Laloo Mal S/O deyal Dass
5 Ram Lal S/O Chander Lal
6 Rajesh Kumar S/O Chander Lal
7 Narjen Kumar S/O Ranjhan Dass
8 Nand Lal S/O Sobha Singh
9 Resha Dass S/O Nand Lal
10 Bacha Mal S/O Mokhi Mohan Mal

11 Suresh Kumar S/O Santu: succumbed to his injuries on 22nd of March, 2005. Many of the people were injured and the law enforcement officials were not allowing the patients to go to hospitals in nearby towns. When the situation deteriorated, the road was open for the injured people to be shifted to hospital.

The names of the injured are following:
1 Ashok Kumar S/O Tara Chand
2 Ghulshan Kumar S/O Sunder Lal
3 Jaspal S/O sunder Lal
4 Santosh Kumar S/O Moti Lal
5 Govind Ram S/O Rukan Chand
6 Ramesh Kumar S/O Moti Lal
7 Naresh S/O Tara Chand
8 Mankoo S/O Deyal Dass
9 Krin Kumar S/O Lal Chand
10 Pond Kumar S/O Deyal Dass
11 Bhagwan Dass S/O Meechal Ram
12 Sham Lal S/O Nama Mal
13 Bhagoo Mal S/O Chon Lal
14 Rohan Kumar S/O Moti Lal
15 Vicky S/O Doulat ram
16 Navend lal S/O Mohan Ram
17 Darshan Kumar S/O Bhagwan Dass
18 Jewat Lal S/O Lal Chand
19 Sanjeet S/O Anand Lal
Injured Women Names
1 Atti Devi W/O chander Lal
2 Anjna Devi W/O Rajinder Kumar
3 Aasha Deve W/O Dewan Chand
4 Daughter of Chander Lal
5 Mai Laila W/O Santoo Mal

11 years have passed since the Dera Bugti massacre but the victims still await for justice from the United Nations and the civilized world. The Pakistan army that massacred at least 72 civilians and wounded more than 200 hundreds are free to kill more with impunity in Balochistan.
Baloch Republican Party appeals once again to the civilized nations and countries particularly United States and neighbouring India to play their role to end escalating human rights violations in Balochistan and support oppressed Baloch nation’s struggle for justice, equality and freedom.

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