Wednesday 20 May 2015

Strike observed in Balochistan against killings of 30 civilians in Mastung & Kalat.

Quetta: Complete shutter-down and wheel-jam strike observed in all over Balochistan against the killing of innocent Baloch civilians by Pakistani forces in Kalat and Mastung. Strike call was jointly given by Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization against the military operation and human rights abuses.
Major cities and towns of Balochistan including Quetta, Kalat, Kech, Gwadar, Punjgor, Buleda, Mand, Tump, Hoshap, Awaran, Pasni, Ormara, Kharan, Mastung, Jaffarabad, Naseerabad, Sibi, Isplinji and Khadkucha remained shut and transport on roads was thin during the strike.
Baloch Republican Party central spokesman Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti said in a statement that Pakistani forces have been carrying out an extensive military operation in Kalat, Mastung, Isplinji, Dasht, Kabu, Johan, Narmuk and surrounding areas since past many days and more than 30 innocent Baloch civilians were brutally killed in custody after abduction and their dead bodies were dumped on desolated areas.

BRP spokesman said that the Pakistani forces indiscriminately targeted civilian populace during the operation and ground troops backed by the aerial support heavily bombarded the houses of innocent Baloch civilians. Two more Baloch youth were killed during another offensive in Mashkay area of Tuesday, he said.
The victims of the Mashkay operation were identified as 10 years old Zameer s/o Allah Baksh and Mehraj Baloch. The civil populace in Koh-e-Safaid area was bombarded where several including women and children were wounded. A number of civilians were also abducted during the operation.
BRP spokesman thanked the transport and business community for supporting the shutter-down strike and called upon the human rights organizations to take immediate notice of Baloch genocide by the Pakistani state forces in Balochistan.

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