Saturday 30 May 2015

Baloch Republican Party strongly condemn the brutal massacre of Pashtuns brothers in Mastung – Sher Mohammad Bugti

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party strongly condemns the brutal massacre of 22 innocent Pashtun passengers in Kadh Kucha area of Mastung on Friday.
BRP spokesman, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement said that the inhumane killing of Pashtuns in Baloch areas is a conspiracy to divide Baloch and Pashtuns who are brotherly nations and have been peacefully co-existing for centuries.
 Mr Bugti furthers said that Pakistani state and their intelligence agencies are conspiring to create a conflict between Baloch and Pashtuns and make them fight each other, to fulfill their dirty goals in Balochistan.
“We believe that those behind this attack can not be sympathizers of Baloch and it is an effort to sabotage the Baloch national struggle for freedom” he added.
The Pakistani state have been utilising every mean to counter the Baloch movement such as religious extremism and targeting of religious minorities through death squads, in addition to the state atrocities and oppression against the Baloch masses, but it has always faced failure.
“Baloch nation stands with their Pashtun brothers at this difficult time and we believe that together both brotherly nations will expose and foil the conspiracy of Pakistani state against our national brotherhood”, Mr Bugti said.

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