Thursday 4 December 2014

International community should take notice of HR violations in Balochistan – Sher Mohammad Bugti

Swiss.  Baloch Republican Party spokesmen Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti has said in a statement that the silence of Human rights organization including the united nation on gross human rights abuses in Balochistan is beyond comprehension because Baloch are facing a great human tragedy and Pakistan’s armed forces and intelligence agencies are given full immunity in committing war crimes against the Baloch people.
“Pakistani occupying state is being rewarded with more aids and arms to continue it’s barbarity on the people of Balochistan rather than being held accountable by the international community and the civilized world,” Mr Bugti said.

He said that international human rights organization the Amnesty international is holding an international campaign focusing on the human rights around the world which is starting from 3 December, adding that for the protection of “Write for rights” we urge the Amnesty International to raise their voice against gross human rights violations such as military operations, enforced disappearances, kill and dump which are at the peak, committed by Pakistan intelligence agencies and the armed forces.
Pakistani forces abducted three Bugti women along with their four teenage daughters and a son from Asreli area of Dera Bugti on 13 November but their fate remained unknown as yet, he said. Mr Bugti then said that “We urge the Amnesty International to raise voice against the gross human rights violations in Balochistan including the abduction of Baloch women and children by state armed forces and pressurize Pakistan to release all the Baloch missing persons including women and children”.
He further said that Pakistan should stop army operations, withdraw it’s forces from Balochistan and let the human rights organization and the international media to investigate and show the human rights violations to the civilized world and aware them as to how Pakistan forces have been systematically committing Baloch genocide and made Balochistan nothing less than a hell.

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