Tuesday 23 December 2014

BRP Germany chapter held an awareness campaign on HR abuses in Balochistan.

Germany: Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter’s President, Mr Ashraf Sher Jan Baloch in a statement said that an awareness campaign was held in Frankfurt to aware the international community and the human rights organization about the ongoing human rights abuses in Balochistan and urged them to play their role for safe release of the detained Bugti Baloch women and children, who were abducted by Pakistan security forces in Asreli area of Dera Bugti on November 13. Baloch Republican Party activists were demonstrating placard and banners during the awareness campaign demanding international voice against human rights violations in Balochistan committed by Pakistani occupying forces and intelligence agencies.
Moreover, activists of the party distributed pamphlets and leaflets among the citizen of Frankfurt Germany, and educated them about the Pakistan’s illegal occupation on Baloch land; Baloch national struggle and the state atrocities such as military operations, enforced disappearances, attacks on education, acid attacks on Baloch women, discovery of mass graves and other state terrorism in Balochistan. BRP activists urged the international community to raise their voice against these heinous crimes against humanity in Balochistan.
Mr. Ashraf Sher Jan has said that no clues of the three Bugti women and four daughters of them were known as yet, nor it’s confirm how and where they were after their abduction by security forces. The international community must not forget what has Pakistan done with the Bangalis, and with their women in Bangladesh, he added. He then said that “we are afraid that Bangladesh’s history is now being repeated in Balochistan by the same state of Pakistan.”
Mr. Baloch urged the human rights organization including the United Nations to take notice of Balochistan’s situation and play their moral role in ending human rights violations before it’s too late.

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