Monday 11 December 2017

Pakistan army kills 35, non-combat civilians in Johaan operation – BRP Media Cell

Quetta: 35 Baloch civilians killed in Pakistan army operation in Johan area of  Mastung within last three days.
According to Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources, Hundreds of Pakistani troops supported by gunship helicopters conducted three days long operation in Johan and its adjacent areas in Mastung District.
During the operation, ground troops burnt dozens of houses of non-combatants civilians while the helicopters bombarded and shelled from air, which resulted in killing of more than 35 people. Large number of livestock were also killed due to indiscriminate bombardment.
Sources said majority of the victims were local shepherds and farmers, who were heading towards Mastung, when forces stopped them, made up stand in a line and brutally shot them dead one by one in an international terrorist group ISIS style execution.
According to BRP Spokesman, Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti, three of the victims belonged to the Bugti tribe, who were picked up by security forces in 2012 and their whereabouts remained unknown ever since. They have been identified as Dina Bugti, Hairdeen Bugti and Roja Bugti.  
Moreover, a woman among seven killed as Pakistan army backed death squad stormed in a house and targeted it with rockets in Panjgur. According to details, a state sponsored armed group, locally called death squad, attacked and stormed into a house and fired rockets upon it in Pullabad area of Panjgur district. As a result of the brutal assault, seven innocent Baloch civilians including a woman were brutally killed. The attackers managed to escape successfully after attack. The victims are believed to be supporters of a pro-freedom political party.
Earlier last week, five persons from same family including a woman and three children were killed in Patfeedar area by the Pakistani forces during an operation. The killed people have been identified as Hasoo Bugti along with his wife Shantul bibi & three children Shahoo, Rukiya & Naaz Gul. While those who were abducted were recognized as Loti s/o Durra Bugti, Pazi Bibi w/o Loti Bugti, Baggan s/o Loti Bugti, Jameel s/o Loti Bugi, Bashir, Loti Bugti, Noor khan s/o Hayatan Bugti, Nazghi s/o Hayatan Bugti, Samreen bibi w/o Hayatan Bugti, and Noor Bibi d/o Hayatan Bugti.
It worths mentioning here that army operations and atrocities have intensified in Balochistan right after Pakistan’s deal with China on the so-called China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which focuses on the deep seaport of Gwadar and aims to exploit the land and resources of Baloch people. The locals see the projects as a plan to convert them into a minority in their homeland, and have openly opposed it on every level.

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