Thursday 11 August 2016

BRP stages protest outside Greek parliament, exposing war crimes in Balochistan

Greece: Baloch Republican Party central spokesmen, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti, in a statement said that a new chapter was formed in Greece headed by party CC Member, Aslam Kiazi Baloch.
Party’s newly formed chapter held a protest demonstration in front of the Greek Parliament to highlight state atrocities and human rights violations and Pakistan army’s war crimes in Balochistan, where Pakistan forces have abducted and killed hundreds of thousands of Baloch political activists, students and lawyers.
Protesters demonstrated banners, placards and pictures of ‘kill and dump’ victims protesting state atrocities.
Mr. Bugti added that “Party activists distributed pamphlets in English and Greek languages among the locals to inform them about state barbarism from day one to this day.
Activists addressed people, who participated and paid solidarity, and informed them about the Baloch freedom struggle.”
He further said that BRP will continue to highlight Baloch cause to international levels to drag world attention toward the atrocities by Pakistani army in Balochistan

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