Sunday 29 May 2016

BRP leader met German Parliamentarian; State atrocities & HR situation in Balochistan briefed

Germany: President of the Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter, Mr. Jawad Mohammad Baloch, in a statement said that he met with Mr. Marian Wendt, the leader of CDU and a member of German Parliament, and briefed him about the Pakistani state atrocities in Balochistan.
He was quoted mentioning with Mr. Wendt, particularly the worsening situation and human rights violations by Pakistani forces in Balochistan. The situation of Baloch refugees and frequent attacks against them by Pakistani state sponsored killers in Afghanistan and other countries were also discussed with the German parliamentarian, said Mr. Jawad, adding that the meeting with Mr.
Wendt was quite positive. The German leader has said that he had been analyzing the situation in Balochistan and assured that he would take the issue to the Germany parliament and request the members of German government to adopt an explicit policy towards Balochistan.

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