Thursday 10 December 2015

BRP Europe-wide awareness campaign highlighted Pakistan’s human rights abuses in Balochistan.

London: Baloch Republican Party UK chapter demonstrated outside the house of lords in London on Tuesday.
According to details, a number of BRP activists gathered outside the British House of Lord’s in London, demanding end to ongoing human rights abuses in Balochistan, which are being committed by Pakistan army from more than six decades.
Baloch leader Sardar Bakhtiyar Khan Domki and Mansoor Baloch were also present in the demonstration. Mansoor Baloch called upon Britain human rights groups and the civil society to pressurize their government to stop funding Pakistan, as its being used to suppress the oppressed Baloch instead of being used against terrorists.
Moreover, Baloch Republican Party held a Europe wide awareness campaign on international human rights day to expose Pakistan army’s inhumane crimes in Balochistan.
BRP activists distributed pamphlets in different cities of Europe including Geneva, Zurich, Neuchâtel, Grenoble, Milan, Locarno, and Berlin, and raised awareness about Pakistani war crimes in Balochistan such as abductions of Baloch women & political activists, custodial killings. Meanwhile, thousands of booklets were distributed among European citizens.
Activists urged human rights groups and civilized world to take notice of Pakistani state barbarism in Balochistan which is escalating on a daily basis.

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