Monday 2 November 2015

Pakistani forces kills 10 Baloch civilians during aerial bombardment in Kalat and Mastung – BRP

Geneva: Central spokesman of Baloch Republican Party Sher Mohammad Bugti has said in a statement that military operation in Balochistan continued with full intensity and human rights violations were being intensified with every passing day.
He said that Pakistani forces started a new wave of military operations in different parts of Balochistan including Nushki, Kharan, Mastung and Kalat. “Forces are establishing a large number of new outposts in different areas, terrifying & forcing the locals to flee their villages,” he said.
He said that there was an increase in aerial surveillance by helicopters in many areas which indicated towards a new wave of military operation. Many areas of Kalat and Mastung such as Johan & Isplinji were sealed off while there are also reports of aerial bombardments in these areas, he said.
Sher Mohammad Bugti said that 10 innocent Baloch civilians have been killed as result of heavy aerial bombardment of Pakistani forces during the operation in Kalat and Mastung areas. “State forces claim to kill ‘terrorist’ during operation while aerial bombardment only targeted civilian population. Claiming to kill ‘terrorists’ while indiscriminately bombarding villages is an effort to hide war crimes and massive human rights abuses by the Pakistani forces in Balochistan” he concluded.

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