Saturday 12 September 2015

ISI sponsored gunman attack & kills Bugti refugee in Afghanistan – BRP

Baloch Republican Party Central spokesmen, Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement said that state atrocities against the Baloch have crossed all it’s limits, Bugti refugees attacked once again.
Mr. Bugti said besides the brutal treatment of Balochs in Balochistan, Pakistani intelligence agencies have, once again, targeted the Bugti refugees, living in hardship outside the country, in Afghanistan.
Pakistani intelligence agencies personnel have attacked the Bugti refugees camp, killing Paind Khan Bugti, the cousin and brother-in-law of BRP Dera Bugti President Riaz Gul Bugti and Sher Baz Bugti in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan in the early morning of Thursday, September 9.
“It’s not the first time that relatives of Baloch political activists and leaders or the Bugti refugees had been attacked outside the country” Mr. Bugti.
He said “Before that, Pakistani agencies attacked Bugti Baloch refugees camp in Spin Boldak with a bomb explosion where Dur Khan Bugti, his minor were killed and several other were injured in 25 March, 2011.”
In 7th July, 2013, it was the same area where BRP leaders Riaz Gul Bugti and Sher Baz Bugti’s house was attacked in which their mother and children were injured. Other than that, Pakistani ISI personnel attacked Bugti refugees and killed Nihal Khan Bugti and Zar Khan Bugti outside their house in December 15, 2013.
Similarly, the Bugti refugees were attacked by ISI with a car bomb blast where two passerby were killed and six Bugti refugees including women and children were injured in November 13, 2014.
While, uncle, Kolmir Bugti and brother, Imtiaz Bugti of former BRP Swiss secretary general, Azzizullah Bugti were abducted under their way for treatment of Kolmir Bugti in Quetta, who are missing ever since their abduction.
He further said that from the beginning of military operations in Balochistan during 2000, particularly from Dera Bugti and since the martyrdom of Father of the nation, Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti, one million and 25 thousand Bugti Baloch were forced to flee Dera Bugti and take refuge in different areas of Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan who still lives in an open sky.
“After constant attacks from Pakistani forces even in those areas against Bugti Baloch refugees, they then fled to Afghanistan but unfortunately they have been targeted there as well” Mr. Bugti stated.
Mr. Bugti urged the international community and human rights groups, those working for refugees, that working for refugees of the war-torn areas such as Iraq, Syria and Middle east they should also put an eye on Baloch refugees from Balochistan.
“It’s unfortunate that for the Baloch refugees even the international media is absent, which highlighted the children who dead in water and after which the western countries have opened their doors and borders for the refugees.” He said.
The difference between the situation in Iraq, Syria and Balochistan is that those state are being constantly paid attentions to by both International media and the western countries while Balochistan is being continuously ignored by both.
Pointing out the negligence of the civilized world toward Baloch nation, he said “If you ignore an oppressed nation intentionally or unintentionally, that never means they do not exist”.

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