Monday 14 September 2015

BRP leaders condemn attack on Baloch refugees in Afghanistan.

London: Baloch Republican Party’s UK chapter president, Mansoor Baloch,  in a statement condemned attack on Bugti refugees in Afghanistan.
Mansoor Baloch said that UNHCR and other organizations whose responsibility is to protect refugees should take steps as per Geneva convention for safety of Baloch IDPs and Refugees in Afghanistan.
BRP leader further said that it wasn’t fist time that Bugti refugees had been targeted but state sponsored agents constantly targeting refugees in which many of people lost their lives.
He paid richest tribute to the Shaheed Pained Khan Bugti and expressed solidarity to his cousins  Riaz Gul Bugti and Sher Baz Bugti.
While BRP leader in Germany, Mr. Ashraf Sherjan also condemned  attack and killing of party colleague’s relative in Afghanistan.
He said that such coward attacks will never deter them from the freedom movement.  Mr Ashraf Sherjan urged UNHCR to take action on constant attacks on Bugti refugees in Afghanistan.

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