Sunday 13 September 2015

Attacks on refugees in Afghanistan is a question mark on the existence of the human rights groups – Sher Baz Bugti

Geneva: President of Baloch Republican Party Switzerland chapter, Sher Baz Bugti in a statement said that the attacks on Bugti refugees and the target killing of his cousin Paind Khan Bugti, left a question mark on the existence of the human rights groups.
“The human rights groups should take notice of Baloch genocide and play a practical role in ending it” Mr. Bugti, adding that the genocidal policies of Pakistani state and the continues massacre of Baloch people is the complete voilation of human rights laws but still human rights groups remained blindfolded.
He said that state atrocities against the Baloch people are at the peak.
“In Balochistan, they are being attacked and bomarded with gunship helicopters and fighter jets, while outside the country, they are being targeted by state sponsored agents” Mr. Bugti reffering to the attacks on Bugti refugees in Afghanistan he said since Pakistan was unlikely to let the Baloch live in any part of the world, Afghanistan has also became the victim of Pakistani state terrorism since the Bugti Baloch refugeese started living there.
“However, it’s not the first time that Bugti refugees are attacked in Afghanistan. In several attacks on Bugti refugee camps by Pakistani agencies in the past left my aged mother and my elder brother, Riaz Gul Bugti’s minor injured and many other killed” He stated.
He said if Pakistan is in the state of misconception that Baloch will abandon the struggle for independence, then he must come out of the world of imagination that Baloch youth will continue the national struggle for independence until their last breaths.
“The constant attacks on our relatives and Bugti refugees is an example of Pakistan’s physiological defeat and therefore it’s intelligence agencies go on and target our Baloch nation again and again, which is outdated attempt to make us weak we are rather getting stronger” He said.
He said all the martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for Baloch Independence, were his brothers and cousin like Paind Khan and he pays homage to all of them for their courageous struggle and ultimate sacrifice.
Meanwhile, the vice President, Qadir Bugti and secretary General, Nawaz Bugti of BRP Switzerland Chapter have expressed solidarity with Riaz Gul Bugti and Sher Baz Bugti and said that Baloch people are following the ideology of Father of the nation, Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti and they are ready to give any kind of sacrifices for Baloch freedom.

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