Saturday 14 June 2014

Baloch Republican Party chapter Germany held a protest demonstration on 14-06-2014 in Romerberg Town Hall Frankfurt, Germany

Germany: Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter held a protest demonstration in Frankfurt Romerberg town hall against enforced abduction of Baloch Student Organization Azad chairman Zahid Baloch and military operations in Balochistan.
The protest was aimed to highlight the gross Human rights abuses in Balochistan being committed by Pakistan, such as enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and military operations Balochistan.
Baloch Student Organization Azad chairman Zahid Baloch who was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies in front of several activists of Zahid’s organization and they witnessed the forced abduction of their chairman.
“Military operations”, are the most violative activities which properly exist in Balochistan, particularly in Marri and Bugti areas. Around two dozens of people including innocent women and children were killed and abducted during uninterrupted army operations in Dera Bugti earlier this week.
Baloch Republican Party during protest urges the United States of America, European union and the United Nation to take immediate action to save lives of thousand Baloch missing persons and end Human Rights violation in Balochistan being perpetrated by Pakistan.

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